The Haunted Places in Egypt : The building of Alexandira

Egyptian Scheherezade is back again with another new tale from Egypt that you don’t know ,you can put under the Catogery of Horror oh no I won’t speak about Mummies ,and it won’t be story with characters and happy ending like in Salah story ,it is more like reporting
Today I will speak about the most famous places sorry the most haunted places in Egypt ,yes you heard me the haunted places that got the reputation of Ghost and demons’Jin’ inhibatants
The first place will be the famous building in Alexandira for tonight
This building since it was built tilll now no one and I mean no one could live there for 24 hours
it was built in the 80s I guess and till now it got no resident in it and why is that ,there is a rumor that Demons and jins occupied the place and live inside the buiding and they don’t want anyone to live there from the human
sound scary isn’t it ?
The legend began with a newly wed couple who were just moving their furniture to their new appartment in the building ,just after it was finished ,they were the first
They put  their furinture ,losed the door and left the building getting ready for the wedding
yet in the morning they found out that all their furniture either on the stair case of the building or in the street , they tried to put back their furniture but in the next day the same thing happened ,then on the following day they tried again to put back their furniture now according to those newly wed couple and the people who were in  the location ,they saw the furniture being thrown to the street by hidden forces …………..!!!
This story was repeated many many times , that this building became the only empty one despite the fact is suffering from shortage in vaccanies  !!!!! not to mention the Light turn on/off over and over in the building and no one is living there and electricity  is not working in all of it !!!!!!!!!!!!
Now what is unique in that story that this place or this building is considered new one not anold deserted place ,as it is common with ghost and demon stories
The owner of the building said he thinks that he is reason behind that
how ?
well the man said that according to a sheik advice , he took the pages of El-Quran ‘our Holy Book in Islam ‘ and put the pages in the bases of the building during its construction ‘I am sorry for my bad English her as I don’t understand civil enigneering ‘
Of cousre  it is wrong to do that but
Now some say it is a hoax ,but on other hoax for it ,people the man built a whole building with hundred thousands and nobody wants to live in it ,so why he wants to lie ? for fame may be ?
The man called for researcher to come and see what ‘s problem there but everytime they go just journalists something wrong happens and they can’t complete what they came for !!????????
till no one knows if it is reality or a myth
And that how Scheherezade stopped from talk for Now
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9 Responses to The Haunted Places in Egypt : The building of Alexandira

  1. Unknown says:

    It does sound like kind of a hoax. If someone really feared it might have Jin there he would get a religiose man to drive them out or tear it down.

  2. Alicia says:

    That\’s what I was thinking, Umm Ali.

  3. Raed says:

    hiihow r u ??i wanna answer ur question about da ID card.. and da relgion.. it\’s not mentioned in da ID card or even in da passport..what evert .. i like ur topics here.. it\’s good..

  4. Raed says:

    and also .. ramadan karim

  5. Islam says:

    how are you zinupia :)alexandriaa…

  6. AnwaRey says:

    well u damaged all the story about this Roushdy’s Bulding or the Haunted Building of Alexandria! u invented a new fairy tale of ur imagination about it.. and btw no Religions or religious books done anything, there were a Sheikh ‘holy muslim man’ tried to0 stay in it, was reading Qur’an in it and ppl thought it were all stupidities till they found him with all his furniture down in street at midnight and he died talking wierdly!
    if u wanna have the whole true story i can tell ya…. btw the building was built in 1960 🙂

  7. Omar says:

    I would like to know the Address. I will try to look for more info about it. Or even give it a visit. I don’t believe in ghosts, even though sometimes (most of times actually) I feel that my house is haunted. As a human I want to know more.

    I would appreciate it if you email me with any info about the location, thanks in advance.

  8. Aida says:

    Hi there,
    I’m a malaysian living in Alexandria and just to add….the haunted or “abandoned” building in Roushdy is still as it is…..dateline Dec.7,2011….so it’s no hoax.I passed by it a few times a week….a lone sad looking building no one wants…..on prime business area…..go figure! Although my husband is a local of Alexandria…I still approach the history of the haunted Roushdy building with a grain of salt and caution.Coming from Asia….where events of “high strangeness” are even more…..keep your intentions pure or beware…..cos our world is not just us humans…..

  9. bird flu says:

    Hi! I’ve passed there quite often, and asked workers around about this story, everyone was smiling and no one had said, that it was a ghost there. By the way, it is garage working on the ground floor… So ghosts just don’t like the smell of gasoline maybe? Everyone I was talking with said that it it a problem with inheritance, but also not sure. I think if it was really haunted, it would be a lot of tourists coming to visit and see it.

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