Blast from the past : Take me back to Cairo


This is music video was made for the music hit in the 1960s "Take me back to Cairo" which was sung by Karim Shoukry ,An Egyptian young man who left Egypt in 1960s to Canada to start a career in his showbiz as a singer and producer , the song met a huge success , already the music is wonderful , the mix between the western and Egyptian music blows my wind , the Egyptian part actually is from the folklore ,an original folklore piece of Music . It is from the Anglo-Arab hits , you see the Franco-Arab songs win more

Shukry is currently living in Montreal as a successful film distributor and producer as far I found out, to tell you the truth he had an excellent voice

The Song was re-represented again to the Egyptian audience in 1980s by Singer Samir El-Eskandarny , in fact I know it from Samir

Huge thanks to my dear friend Dr.Ahmed Kamel for finding this treasure in Youtube

and here is the MP3 for those who only like to listen
powered by ODEO

Here is some blast from the past , from the sweet sixties 🙂

By the way if you got any songs for this singer please tell me

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