And I received a respond from Viscount Anthony of Alexandria

Ok I received a respond from the Viscount Anthony of Alexandria in less than 24 hours about the Duchess of Alexandria inquiry email I sent to her and it seems that some people are so bothered by my logic questions , already I do not know who is the Viscount Anthony of Alexandria , it seems those people are distributing titles as they like , well nothing wrong in that but they should not associate it with my country or its town , one is Alexandria another one is Aswan, not to mention that even in time of Monarchy we did not have these titles

Anyhow here is the respond of the Viscount

Dear Mrs
To begin I do not of a Mrs Liala but I do know of a Princess Liala.  The Royal Council and I do know who SHE is but we do not know who you are and if you are at all legitimate.  You might want to correct your email address as it suggests that you live in the UK not EGYPT.
The Council and I wish not to waste any of our precious time regarding Princess Liala or about any correspondence.  I will not forward this email to Princess Liala and any more emails suggested from you will be overlooked if not deleted.  Private contracts and any specific type of documents are Princess Liala’s concern as well as the Royal Councils, not to be shown to the public for interests sake…
His Excellency

Viscount Anthony

of Alexandria

House of Fuad

Someone is very very angry and refuses to answer the question ,by the way my email in my other email account ends with ".co.UK" ,this person seems to know that email domains that reflect where I live but you can say he just want to attack me despite the fact the Duchess came to my blog claiming that she is the daughter of king Farouk and he was killed and how she remembers him till now !!

Anyhow the house of Fuad brought it to themselves , with my all respect this is unreal duchess claiming to be the daughter of King of Egypt living the fantasy of Royalty where as the Real princesses are living down to earth ,struggling to get back their rights in this country

I don’t want to use the word impostor but I think nothing forbids me to do so ,already as soon as you land in her website you will know that especially when you read the title she gave to her Duchess of Alexandria !! or H.I.H , which is the abbreviation to her Imperial Highness !! Imperial on what basis ?? oh yes because her aunty and uncle ,the Emperor and Empress of Persia !! Aunty and Uncle !!?? For God Sake the Shah had divorced Princess Fawiza since the 1940s , what this woman is speaking about

This woman has no connection with the Royal Family of Mohamed Ali , she even did not attend the funeral of her so-called Sister from couple of years , she even put the picture of King Farouk’s sisters as Farouk’s daughters !!

All the photos in the Website in the Egyptian Royal family section are taken either from the Abdeen Presidential Palace website or Queen Nariman official website or pictures that are available from the Internet , I think I became an expert ,I have been tracing these photos for years now

Even If Farouk had married some French or Italian or who ever western lady he met in exile ,he knew very well that any kid from that lady would not inherit any title or any privilege what so ever according the law that was put by his father late Fouad I , the law says that only the kids who are born from Egyptian mother only have the right for royal privileges including titles and right of throne , already King Farouk had two half brother and sister from his father ,not to mention it was already over , no more monarchy !!

I will not go for her mother , the so-called Italian Princess who was officially announced dead in 1944 , already that lady was born in 1902 oh yes , older than king Farouk "born in 1920" by two decades ,according Liala Fuad’s version of Story they met and married in 1957 ,of course it is the first time I heard that Farouk loved women older than him , I mean his reputation was only for younger girls !!

I don’t know why this lady and her royal council refuse to show the so-called documents that substantiated her story and claims , it is better that being accused of lying !!

You do not have royalty in order to be become popular and charitable,strange many real royalties wished that they were commoners including King Farouk himself

I don’t know where is the Egyptian Embassy in Australia from this , Duchess of Alexandria and Duchess of Aswan !!?? Already I wonder where are the king Farouk’s children from all that ?? I mean they stood against Irma’s claims that she was married to their dad  

Again this lady is too positive from the documents and proofs she got why she does not come out with it ,this is what logic says ..

look if they want to live the title fantasy with duchess and viscount ,they can choose any other town in the world but please stay away from Egypt , Aswan and Alexandria

The worst thing ever is to make a lie and to live it to the degree that you forget it is a lie

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