Happy Sham Nassim

Today in Egypt marks the Sham Nassim , our oldest feast and our celebration with the beautiful spring

Sham Nassim is celebrated since the days of the ancient Egyptian not as the spring celebration but as the "Harvest" celebration oh yes , as the word "Sham" which is in Arabic means "Breathig" was taken from the ancient Egyptian word of "Shamo" which means "Harvest" , the Arabs when they came they changed it to the nearest word they understood in their language which "Sham" this is the first theory the Egyptologists have regarding the origin of the feast

This is for this year historical information

For the celebration I would like to show you what I took from photos in the Annual flowers fair 2007 in Orman park last Thursday

That is the annual Flowers fair held from the 20th of March to the 20th of April for the Spring flowers under the supervision of the Agriculture ministrry , it is for selling flowers and gardens supplies , the prices were moderate except for the Baladi flowers , the pink balady flower below is sold for 30 Egyptian pounds per one

enough talking and let’s enjoy some Egyptian spring




I took over 140 images , I still didn ‘t upload them completely for flickr as I finished my bandwidth ,OOPss but you can see the rest in Flickr

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