King Farouk’s memorial

Today remarks the 32 anniversary of King Farouk’s death in his exile in Italy on the 18th of March 1965 in an incident that till now is considered enigmatic. The official report said that he died from a heart attack from the food he ate , while conspiracy theories said that President Nasser secret service killed him in his exile to ensure that he would never come back again , conspiracy that I will speak later about , may be next year insh Allah.

King Farouk when he passed away ,he was only 45 years old despite his chubby body in his last years made him look much older , he was born on the 11th of February 1920,the Egyptian son of King Fouad the first and his heir to the Egyptian throne. He was called "Farouk" the first ,I don’t why but this was silly,really silly , you see there was no other Farouk in the family so he can be called the first or the second , of course my remark is even sillier as I am talking about something that ended from decades.

I look to King Farouk’s biography and life and I see a person who was a victim not the victimizer like the east and west used to portrayed him , if he were victimizer then the victim would be himself , he didn’t fight back , he just surrendered to life , I am not speaking about the king position and the monarchy , hell no.

King Farouk showed a great political and patriotic scene when he gave up his position on the night of the 24th of July 1952 , when he made his mind to leave the throne in without a fight in a way that surprised the free officers themselves , he had the chance to ask the British to interfere, just a small phone call but he didn’t because he didn’t  want the a stinky shoes of a British soldier to touch the Egyptian Soil . He wanted and wished the best for Egypt , and because he loved her so much ,he knew that he wasn’t the best choice to rule Egypt then , and that’s why his last word to General Mohamed Naguib when he was leaving Egypt for the last time to his exile on the board of "El-Mahrousa"

I wish that you succeeded in what I failed in

He was more patriot than one ruled Egypt in that century , you want a proof listen to what "Salah Jahin" learned from late "Salah El-Shad" in the Egyptian Foreign ministry during his work there , Mr. "El-Shad" told him that king Farouk was more patriot than both Nasser and Sadaat.

Yes he was because he gave up a rule that mentioned the greatness of it in the holy books whether the Torah or Bible or Quran because he felt that he failed in his mission , because he knew that this nation deserves better than him

He chose to step away where as now some are dying to get the throne of the oldest nation on the surface of this , the throne of the mighty Pharaoh

Farouk was a real pharaoh who loved this country truly , yet of course Pharaohs are always defamed and erased by the succeeding pharaohs

Please read the Fataha on his soul


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13 Responses to King Farouk’s memorial

  1. Ahmed says:

    May God have mercy on his soul, I agree with many of what you wrote, he was a lonely depressed man, he felt less that what the job took, he found himself among p-eople lower than him like the driver and the electrician etc. But he was a great kind man, a real patriot who did not harm his country, but on the contrary has made many wonderful and useful projects that endure till now like the Arab LEague, Farouk (Alexandria) university, Ibrahim (Ain Shams) university, the Muhammed Ali water works and many others…
    Also the Farouk I title, well this is how kings are named, he was the first king to bear the name Farouk so he is Farouk the first, simple!!

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