The other face of the moon

First of all I am sorry that I didn’t complete my Ihab Nafea as soon as I promised thanks to laziness

Today I will tell my dear friends who the real Ihab Nafea was

Ihab Nafea was first  the pilot of President Gamal Abdel Nasser ,then he was an Intelligence officer ,at the same time he was an actor ,then he left Egypt to be a business man

that what we were told and believed till the late 1980s when Egypt’s first Spy late Refaat El-Gamal aka Rafaat El-Hagan was published and Nafea name appeared as contact officer with the legendary Spy after that everything was known especially he was retired

In year 2006 he published his memoirs where he revealed Shocking and Surprising truth about the the 1960s era personalities and Politics

I won’t talk about the part where he tickled the lives of the singers and actors at that time ,because it wasn’t shocking for me to know that Farid Al-Atresh was a gambling addict ,it got no important for me with the other details in book

For example Nafea blamed president Nasser on the defeat of 1967 and said why he blamed him with reasons , those reasons of course are not the only or complete reasons but they are just only part of the big image to understand the greatest fiasco ever we are still paying

The most important juicy parts for me is his assignments

I mean it is enough to know that Ihab Nafea worked as a double agent for the Egyptian intelligence sake through his friendship Ezer Weizman ,the former president of Israel.

It is also enough to know that Nafea worked as Air fighter for the American forces during the Vietnam war

It is also enough to know that he was the messenger of a letter sent by Walter Mondale,the American vice president then to president Sadaat after announcing his will to travel to Israel for the sake of Peace,the letter contained generous offering that the States would stand beside Egypt financially if we made peace with Israel

Ihab unfortunately despite all what he did was always under lots of criticism due to his own personality

He wasn’t a Saint nor he claimed to be one at all , he also didn’t hide his life and thus it was well known that he was one hell of womanizer ,from the legendary womanizers in Egypt

The man himself didn’t deny it

In fact he was honest when he said "I don’t recall the number of Women I married and knew"

That’s true Ihab married a big number of women ,it was only in the last 5 years of his life he settled down

Already he was married to a doctor and got a girl from her before marrying Majda

I don’t know after Majda how many ladies he married ,but the most important and famous two marriages were the widow of Rafaat Hagan and a Princess from the Gulf

Marrying the widow of Rafaat was a shock for many

Yet he didn’t give a damn for what the people think

He got 4 children but to say the truth ,they don’t feel him like a loving father that much .

anyhow here are the pictures for him in his daughter’s wedding and his most recent photo before his death

I won’t analysis his personality and categorize him despite all what he did because we are in the end all humans

I respect for what he did to his country and that’s why I dedicated those lines for him

Here are some pictures for him in the last 10 years in his daughter’s wedding and from the last interview with him in Sawt El-Oma weekly newspaper

May Allah bless his soul

Please read the Fataha for him if you are Muslim , if you are not then please remember him in your prayer

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