Farewell Soad Nasr

at Last Egyptian Comedy star Soad Nasr died after long time with illness. At last Nasr will be in Peace after a whole year in Coma

Allah’s mercy is above all

Thank God thousand time that there was end for that misery

It was a misery for a mistake in a Plastic surgery Nasr paid her life for , a mistake the doctors didn’t want to admit they made it in the expensive hospital !!

Soad was another victim to the doctors’ mistakes

anyway the misery didn’t stop here , the misery continued with the struggle between her family and kids and her husband who want to take off her money ,despite she didn’t die ,she still got her kids and her family !!

It was the talk of the town

anyhow Soad was A-Class comedian , the rare women comedians I can’t forget her roles with Muhammad Sobhy in his TV series or plays ,I can’t forget her roles in many movies and TV series

Already I saw her in real life once in shop , babies and children cloth , she was very down to earth person , who didn’t forget her roots despite the fame and money

She was n’t a high class or middle class girl ,she was from the working class and she succeeded to give the image of that working class in comedy perfectly

May Allah bless her soul

I ask if you are Muslim to read Fataha for her soul

If you are not Muslim ,well I ask whatever your prayer is to mention her in your prayer

I don’t know but I always remember her as a person who succeeded in delivering happiness to our hearts in very hard times

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