Muhammad: A Prophet for Our Time – Karen Armstrong – Books – Review – New York Times

 Muhammad: A Prophet for Our Time – Karen Armstrong – Books – Review – New York Times

It is not the first time that I found Karen Armstrong wrote something about Prophet Muhammad "PBUH" and it won’t be the last

It is great in fact to have some one like Armstrong

But the problem is in the article there are some mistakes ,I believe not from Karen Armstrong but from the editor

First Mecca wasn’t a Nouveau riche city , it was very rich city since very long time , Mecca took its position since Prophet Ibrahim "Abraham" and Ismail {PBU them} re-built it the Kebbah by the orders of Allah,since then it became very active and rich ,so it wasn’t a Nouveau riche ,you want another proof ,you can check the history of Mecca in Pre-Islam when they used to have the poetry festivals , this is not a Nouveau riche city activity

Second about the marriage of Prophet Muhammad "pbuh" from Lady Zeinab , this is not how the things happened ,yes she was married to his servant whom he loved as his son , and that boy or man refused to leave the Prophet Mohamed and for that Prophet Muhammad "PBUH" declared that he adopted him and called him his son ,the son of Mohamed in the community and in the Pre-Islamic period this was an adoption , the man became his son "I am sorry I can’t remember the man’s name correctly now"

At that point a divine order came from Allah prohibiting adoption , you can love someone like your daughter or son but don’t call them on your name or give them the inheritance rights like your children , and this is in order to preserve both the lineage and inheritance rights "Lineage rights to protect from the disasters that would from example if the adopted girl or boy marries his or her real sibling"

To confirm this order , another Divine order came ordering Prophet Muhammad to marry Lady Zeinab who was the wife  of that servant , why ??

To understand this order you must know in Islam it is prohibited the father marriage from his daughter in law and vice versa for the mother and thus to prove that man is not the son in the community not anymore he married his wife because if he were his son he would n’t have marry lady Zeinab

It was to confirm the fact that the man wasn’t his son anymore

Look there is a misconception in the west that Prophet Muhammad "PBUH" were a womanizer heaven forbids this is a nonsense, each wife of Prophet Muhammad after lady Khadija "PBU them" had a special reason or story behind this marriage

Do you get it ?? Kudos ??

You can order the book from here from

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