Farewell Majida El-Khatib

She was nit like any other actress in Egypt for sure , she has this thing that makes you feel comfort even in her evil roles

Majida El-Khatib

The famous Egyptian actress from the 1960s surprised everyone when she died  in the age of 63 after a diabetic coma

May Allah bless her soul in these days and give patience to her family ad friend

I always remember her as Samara in "Chitchat on the Nile ", this fantastic role in a fantastic movie  ,the Egyptian journalist who exposed a new hidden world in Naguib Mafouz’s master piece

I also will remember her role in the political thriller "The Dune visitor" this movie is prohibited to be shown in National TV ,it is something like the "Karnak"

I will always remember her role in "Raya and Sakina" TV series as the greedy cruel mother of Raya and Sakina ,who boldly with no guilt takes her grand daughter ‘s corn to eat it otherwise she would say that her grand daughter stole it

By the way it was a surprise to me to find that she was the grand daughter of Zaki Rostom ,the Legendary drama star whom I used to be scared from in the black and white movies

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14 Responses to Farewell Majida El-Khatib

  1. fouad says:

    السلام عليكم
    شىء جميل قوى اللى انا شايفه كلمات عن
    ممثلين زمان ماجده الخطيب وذكى رستم
    انا جايز مش بميل لمشاهدة الافلام القديمة قوى بس بستمتع بحاجه اسمها اسماعيل ياسين
    جايز عشان كنت بتفرج عليه وانا صغير جايز عشان ضحكنى  جايز برده…..
    بصراحه كل الاسبيس جميل ورائع   

  2. Zeinobia says:

    thank you Fouad ,for your nice words

  3. Aly says:

    by the way she has nothing to do with Zaki Rostom… as he didn\’t have any kids… i know because i am a relative of Zaki Rostom

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