Monsieur Ibrahim and les fleurs de Koran

This is a movie I saw last week ,it is a french movie and its title means in English "Mr. Ibrahim and the flowers of Quran"

It is starring the famous international actor Omar El-Sherif of Egypt

The movie made lots of news when it was released last year for its story which is based upon a novel with the same name.As you can know so easily that it speaks about Islam from reading the two words "Ibrahim and Koran" ,well it is about Islam.Already the author of the novel is a french man who converted to Islam and joined the Sufism movement.

I didn’t read the book but I saw the movie and so my review would be based upon my experience with the film .

Story : In the early of 1960 in France,Paris exactly in the poor street of "Blue street" that was full of Jews , Arabs and also hookers, in this street we will follow the life of young teenager "Moses" from the name you know that he was Jew, Moses was born in a troubled family , a mother that left him and his father as soon as she gave birth to him and troubled sick father who seems mentally ill to me. In this troubled life ,the only thing that was in Moses’ mind all the time despite his early age was sex and thus it was n’t a surprise to see him lose his virginity with a hooker from the street after lying and saying that his age was 16 years.

Moses ‘ life began to change when his dad sent to buy some stuff from a grocery store in front of his home , the Arab’s grocery store , where he was going to meet the man who would change his life upside down , turning him from Moses to Mohamed , a man called Ibrahim .

I will not tell you the rest of the story because I believe you probably guessed what is all about and how it would end.A Jew that will convert to Islam after experiencing the nobility of its teachings .

I don’t want to disappoint you but the movie is not on that expected standard , you see our Egyptian newspaper were speaking day and night about this movie and how it gives the Islam its right real image ,and how Omar El-Sherif was a great actor in "already he took a Caesar prize in France "equal to the Oscar" and festival of Venice award " ,yet when I saw it I found it so so so boring .

And that’s why I said that I didn’t read the book , because usually the books are much better than movie so the story could be very good in the book but on the silver screen very bad. I didn’t see anything that related to Islam that or gives to the western viewer the real truth of the nobility of its teaching ,all what I saw is a troubled teenager who was crazy about sex with ugly hookers"they looked very ugly" and an old Muslim Sufi man who didn’t to be called an Arab as if an Arab were insult , who didn’t pray ,who drunk wine and read minds because it is there in his Quran

You know I thought that the flowers of Quran is a metaphor for the beautiful meanings and teachings of Quran , but it didn’t turn so ,it turned that Ibrahim put some old dried flowers in his late wife’s Quran !!

It is not bad but it is not that good


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13 Responses to Monsieur Ibrahim and les fleurs de Koran

  1. Alicia says:

    LOL@Ugly hookers.

  2. ~JehanZeb~ says:

    Salaam,I saw this movie too, and I actually liked it.  I don\’t think Omar Sharrif\’s character was saying "I\’m not an Arab" because he thought there was something bad in it.  I think he was saying it to show the kid – the Jewish character – how he is a Muslim before anything else.  I\’m a Pakistani, but before I am that, I am a Muslim, a submitter to the Lord of the Universe.  No matter if a Muslim is Arab, Turkish, Persian, African, Far Eastern, or even American, they are my brother/sister through the way of Islam.This film presented a more mystical view of Islam.  As you mentioned, Sharrif\’s character is a Sufi Muslim.  I DO agree with you that the drinking part was uncalled for because most Sufi Muslims don\’t drink (at least from what I understand.. I certainly would not drink).. and yes, they could have taken out those prostitute scenes with the Jewish boy.  I was touched by the whirling scene.. I really think that\’s a beautiful practice in the Sufi tradition, and I liked the way Sharrif\’s character explained it.Anyway, those are my 2 cents.  It could have been a better film, but overall I liked it.

  3. Omar says:

    I\’d like to see the movie, can I download it from anywhere on the internet?I\’ve received a story on my E-mail, and the sender said that It\’s the real story of this movie, the story was told by the Islamic famous "Safwat Hegazy", my E-mail address is "", please if you have any links to download the movie send it to me, and I will send you the real story I have.

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