The Man behind Shabola’s success

I guess I talked about Shabola aka Shabaan Abd El-Rahim before in this blog , and I talked about the man behind his huge success , his lyricist Islam Khalil

Shabola has very ugly voice and all his music is the same ,as he didn’t study music and doesn’t want to be accused by stealing other music as he said , so don’t be surprised to find all his songs got the same melody, yet the only thing made him reached to the top and appeared in CNN and international newspapers is the Lyrics he used.

The Lyrics which he used are written by Islam Khalil ,a primary stage teacher , Most of his lyrics is about politics and other national issues .

Shabaan is a proud illiterate and ignorant too , you know you can have an illiterate but not ignorant about what is going around him , you can see his ignorance when he speaks alone in any interview and so it is obvious that the one who is behind him Khalil is the secret of his success

Khalil wrote about everything you can imagine from Birth control to fighting smoking and drugs to Bird flu to his favorite topics in politics , he didn’t leave a single political event except few , from the intifida to Iraq invasion to El-Hairir assassination to war in Lebanon

Already Shabola ‘s main hit was "I hate Israel" which made him appear on the CNN and BBC was written by Khalil

Khalil wrote a new song for Shabola called "Two Soldiers" criticizing America,Israel and the Arab leaders reactions in the last war between Lebanon and Israel

For change Khalil Wrote a romantic song for Shabola , it is sad romantic song about the reaction of a lover abandoned by his girl friend for another man

It is called "Toz Fiki" 🙂

Toz is an Egyptian insult which can translate to damn , it is very romantic you should have listened to it live yesterday on National TV

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14 Responses to The Man behind Shabola’s success

  1. Islam says:

    how are you zinap new away in ur posts great work 🙂

  2. Alicia says:

    Hey, I hope you\’re okay. ZzZzZzZz

  3. Zeinobia says:

    hey Aisha and Islam good to hear from you guys especailly you Islam

  4. ·§ilvermøøñ· says:

    Sorry that I moved my space address again. I was having customization issues and it really messed up my space.

  5. Tarek says:

    Shabola is singing romantic song, it gonna be really funny!

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