People of Lebanon are more important then Nancy Agran

Last night I was surprised to find the second page in daily El-Akhbar"The News" a short photo essay about the false rumors of Nancy Agram’s Veil
Some people I don’t know what to call them ignored all the tragedies in Lebanon from death to destruction and making silly rumors about Nancy Agram
The rumors say that because of the war Lebanon is facing , Ms Nancy Agram wore the veil , and rumors are so confirmed by a photo for Nancy appears to anyone that is manipulated by Photoshop !!!
Ironically Nancy Agram is not a Muslim in the first place , second and this is more important from the first point
BUT really who gives a damn in this war to what Nancy does , whether she wears a veil or a Bikini , really those empty headed people !!
and so what if Nancy wore the veil ??
will Israel stop its IAF from its daily symphony of murdering civilians !!!???
IAF = Israeli Air Forces
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23 Responses to People of Lebanon are more important then Nancy Agran

  1. Alicia says:

    Yeah, you\’re right. Nancy ain\’t Muslim; but this ain\’t the first time she\’s been seen in a veil before anyway. I saw some photos of her wearing a black veil and she was covering her face with it as though it was the niqaab. What she does isn\’t even important right now…

  2. Alicia says:

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