50 Years on the Nationalization of Suez Canal

Today on the 26th of July from 50 years ago in the City of Alexandria in Manshia Square ,one of the biggest public Squares in the coastal city ,President Gamal Abd El-Nasser , the Second president of Egypt and the master mind behind of the Free officers movements which from 54 years ago that in 1952 overthrow the King of Egypt , made a historical speech that changed the course of history then in many was

Nasser most important parts other than declaring the Union between Egypt and Syria which to take place after two year in 1958 said the following

"We decided to Nationalise The Universal Company of Suez Canal for navigation to be an Egyptian Corporate company "

This is one of the most important moments in the Egyptian modern history and this speech ,in fact this sentence was not less important the famous Kennedy famous quote

"Small step on the moon ,big step for humanity"

Nassar and I am not from his admirers at all returned back by this sentence a lost right Egypt wanted from a very very long time. The Canal which was dug by one million Egyptian Peasants who worked in conditions even animals couldn’t bare , the Canal which was on Egyptian land from its beginning to its end was owned and controlled by Foreigners . All its welfare from money and it is huge sum for sure ,as now in 2006 it is considered the main income for Egypt estimated exactly between 3 Billions and 3 Billions Americas dollars annually ,this is now despite the control of the aviation industry on the transportation section ,so you can imagine the welfare Egypt had lost since the opening of the Canal in 1869 till 1956.

Already Politically and historically the Canal didn’t bring to Egypt anything except troubles and European intervention just Like Mohamed Ali Basha expected ,thanks to the grand ceremonies of opening Ismail Basha wanted to dazzle the European with ,Egypt became in Debt and he had to sell the Egypt’s share to England in the company, then the complete ignored historical fact that the Canal was the entrance in which the British army came to invade Egypt in 1882.

Monsieur De De Lesseps lied on Orabi ,the commander of the Orabi revolution who the British armies , The British armies didn’t and couldn’t invade Egypt neither from the north from the Mediterranean Sea or the south ,there was a great battle in Toshoka historians always forget anyway, Orabi as excellent military leader knew that British forces could come from the Suez Canal and thus he wanted the canal to be closed ,Sasspe as the People of Port Said call him till our day was a mean French man he didn’t want the canal to be closed and thus he lied to him and told him that

‘ The British won’t come for here, I will close it myself if they come ‘

And thus Orabi the Egyptian believed him when he shouldn’t had , He was still in the area of Suez when the British Armies arrived from the Canal and Entered Egyptian and invaded it through a nasty lie to surprise Orabi and his armies from the Egyptian People.

From important things you must know that the exclusive contract between Egyptian Government "Not the revolution or any of the 20th century governments" and the Universal company of Suez Canal concerning the operation of the Canal was to end in 1960 ,of course there is a predications from the Egyptian side that the company would n’t leave it that easily ,this one

Two Egypt was building the high dam in Aswan to protect Egypt from both the Nile flood and the draft and also to generate electricity, It was a great project ,in fact it was the greatest since digging the Suez canal , already this project needed funding ,we wanted to take a loan from the IMF but United States worked out to make Egypt not to take the loan ,and thus there was no other way except by the nationalisation.

The Nationalisation of Canal created an international crisis that ended with a trio aggression in war or the war of 1956

and this I will talk about later

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