The Unknown Suez Canal history

OK boys and girls exactly in this 1:11 AM from 50 years ago , special troops from the army and from the government then were ready to next night to nationalize The Suez Canal , if you are Egyptian or Arabic and Saw by accident or by intention “Nasser 56” film you will know what I am referring to

Now before going to the Nationalization , I must go back and explain some points I am 100% sure that you are not familiar with concerning the history of the Suez Canal

As you all know and learned in schools and general knowledge the Suez Canal is maritime canal that joins both the Mediterranean sea and Red Sea

It is one of the most important vital maritime canal in the world as it can be considered a short cut between Asia and Europe , before it all ships had to take cross two oceans from Europe to Asia , the circumnavigation around Africa in other words

It is important to Economy to Politics to transportation , to the whole world to make it clear

That’s what every one knows

But not everyone knows much about the history of this canal , well some Europeans educated Europeans especially the French and British will know some about its modern history since its opening in 1869 “oh man Israel made us not to celebrate the 100th anniversary , pleasure spoiler”

Well without my sophisticated introductions I will tell you that the history of the Suez Canal goes beyond the 19th century not with years or centuries but Millenniums

Oh yes it goes to the time of ancient Egyptians , who dig the first Maritime canal in the history of mankind in the same area , in the Modern State of the ancient Egypt in the time of 12th dynasty exactly at the time of Pharaoh Senursett II and this canal was “Sizostrem” if my ancient Egypt history information is not mistaken , some say that this ancient canal existed in the time of Ramses II , yet unfortunately it fell under the powers of sands and disrepair and vanished and came again twice one in the time of Necho II and the other one in the time of Darius the legendary King of the Achaemenid State in Ancient Persia Iran now, in fact one of the valuable ancient inscriptions of Darius one concerning the ancient Canal which the Archeologist called it “Darius’ Suez inscriptions “

Then it disappeared again and appeared again in the time of Ptomelly II then again it disappeared that time for a whole millennium to be restored again in the 6th century by the orders of the Arabic Muslim Army leader Amr Ibn El-as who was the first to rule Egypt as an Arab Muslim and this to facility the trade and transportation , Amr all ready was one hell of a trader before joining the Army .

The end of the ancient Suez canal came in the 8th century on the hands of the Abbasid Caliph El-Mansour who ordered that the canal to be closed for over as there was some kind of revolution against him in Delta and this was in 768 A.D , already the man was the first of his dynasty who made massacres to get rid the Umayyads and take over their rules “this bastard didn’t know that Monarchy is prohibited in Islam !!??”

Check the historical backgrounds here and there

After that another Millennium passed and the canal was forgetting until the famous French expedition came to Egypt with the leadership of Napoleon , this expedition coming is considered the beginning of modern Egypt . The idea of Suez Canal came to the great leader who wanted to cut the trade route to India of the English and thus to divest England , Bonaparte wanted to make a French Empire like the British its base to be in Egypt , the project was in process already in year 1799 by Charles Le Pere yet it was stopped because there was a mistake in the calculations that Red Sea level was then the Mediterranean Sea as far as I remember

The project was closed and the expedition left Egypt in 1802 after a serious of defeats to France and England put its eye on the land of the valley who suddenly understood its importance whether for the location or for the expansion in the British colonies —– this a side remark I had to say

In 1833 , in the glory of the great Egyptian Empire , in its golden age a group of French intellectuals came and proposed the idea of canal to the founder of modern Egypt Mohamed Ali Basha May God bless his soul , who refused the idea totally for fear of turning Egypt in to another Basfour as he said , he didn’t want the intervention of the west in Egypt and with project Egypt would be more desired than it was already , it would bring troubles as the Basfour did to Turkey , and he was totally right this illiterate man and had a future insight and vision because that really happened after ,it did bring trouble in Egypt — anther side remark.

Those frenchie boys called themselves Saint-Simoniens , they stayed in Egypt to convince the man in the Castle who refused ,most Les Simoniens were killed in a plague epidemic except may be 30 or 40 who left to France in 1835 except two the French Vice-Ambassador in Alexandira then Ferdinand de Lesseps and Linant de Bellefonds

I guess we are getting closer now to the Known history of the Canal “Say hi to SSEPS as the Canal people like to call him

The history of Suez Canal did n’t finish next time I will reveal to you the rest of the real history of the Canal which was digged by blood and caused Egypt its independence

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  1. Alicia says:

    This was a very informative article on the Suez. Hey, I got something for ya. You should try to get this CD called "Ancient Lands." You can explore Egypt, Rome, and Greece on this CD. In Egypt, it talks about the Pharaohs such as Akhenaton, Nefertiti, Cleopatra, Thutmose III, and so on. It talks aout the lives of ancient Egyptians, the children, the religion, the games and toys that children played with, information on the Nile River, etc. It even has video clips from movies. In Greece, you learn about Greek mythology such as Ares, Venus, Aphrodite, and so on. It\’s a really good CD. It reminded me of the time I took Honors World History in High School. I even learned that ancient Egyptians made bread with the help of grinding sand; and that many broke their teeth off while biting into the sand that was mixed with the bread. It\’s a really good CD.

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