Where are Hiafa ,Elissa and Nancy ?

Sorry this question came to my mind while watching the terrible sad live images of the destruction sorry death in Lebanon , where are Hiafa Wahby , Elissa and Nancy Agram ?

where are they ?

Where are they as singers and artists with a mission to serve their country ? at least that is what a real artist is

I see them and I remember immediately Julia Botrous ,the sound of the Lebanese south in the time of war , I hear them in the Taxis and I remember immediately what Abdel Halim Hafiz did in 1967 ,his greatest songs ever after the defeat , I see their pictures in the magazines and I remember Shadia with her cheerful songs for Egypt

They are fake

The real artists are the mirror of their country and people

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36 Responses to Where are Hiafa ,Elissa and Nancy ?

  1. Alicia says:

    Haifa is probably belly dancing and getting fatter by the minute. Nancy Ajram is probably on the operating table getting more plastic surgery, and Elissa is probably overseas finding more European men to be in her music videos, lol. Okay…on a more serious note, it is odd as to what\’s going on with them seeing as how they are all Lebanese. You\’d think they\’d stand up and say something…but then again, maybe they are afraid to do so; some guy told me in a chat room on Yahoo a long time ago that Nancy Ajram is ugly, and that he thinks it\’s because she\’s had so much plastic surgery.

  2. Zeinobia says:

    Haifa left Lebanon from the second day last week on a private jet
    Nancy is with her family and her manager Gigi
    Elissa no one knows if she is in Lebanon or Not
    Nicole Sabaa left to Cairo
    Rida Bortus left to Lebanon as an american
    Razan left Lebanon on a british army ship to Cairo
    Those are staying
    Magda El-Roumy , this fine lady spoke in an interview last friday
    Nawal E-Zogby despite she got a canadian passport
    Ragab Alama despite his american passport

  3. Alicia says:

    Yeah, I read an article on how Nancy Ajram stayed behind. You know, I\’m starting to get into Nicole Saba\’s music…only a little, however. I like her song "Ashqak.":)

  4. dldar says:

    hi lm dldar i whnd email nancy ajram

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