Ahmed Fouad Nagm talks about Hassan Nassar Allah

Yesterday Ahmed Fouad Nagm , the Egyptian legendary poet in 1960s and 1970s was the guest in the famous Tv program on Al-Jazeera news channel "A special Visit"

Ahmed Foaud Nagm’s episode is two part ,this week and next week on Saturday

One wonderful crazy hour was it , it is n’t the first TV program I saw for the "Fagomi" or "The idiot" as he likes to call himself , in fact I saw for him many many TV shows about his memories not to mention his wonderful TV show that was used to be on Dream TV 2 "Long live my people " which was about the history and Egyptian Custom and traditions , you see what I like in him is his honest opinions , every show he goes and says those wonderful crazy true things from his heart which are not his own personal opinions sometimes but the opinion of the large silent polite majority of the Egyptian People

For Example once in El-Hora TV show he said his opinion about Ruby , the singer

Have you ever seen a singer singing from her ass ?

and he even said Ass which is a forbidden word in Arabic and in Egyptian Televisions in its slug word , already it is a taboo to say it like this in the public !! Newspapers spoke about it for weeks

So with Ahmed Fouad Nagm the king of the political poems in the 1960s and 1970s who had been behind bars most of his life expect the unexpected on Air

Yesterday He gave the usual bombshells to the Arabic viewer

  1. He is a Muslim ,in his heart and a big supporter to Sufism but he doesn’t practise Islamic rituals from praying or fasting "Nagm was and is still a communist socialist Poet"
  2. He called The Arab Leaders from Kings and Presidents dirty persons who don’t deserve to write about 🙂
  3. His hero now is Shekih Hassan NassarAllah ,the leader of Islamic Resistance HazbAllah in South of Lebanon

He described Nasser Allah as the Arabic Hero , the Anatar of his era "Anatar was an Arabian Knight and Poet who lived before the Islam known for his knighthood ,Bravery and Poetry"

He also described his meeting with him , how he hugged him and How Nagm was so proud with him and how poor ladies in Allies in Egypt pray God for his victory "I swear I heard it and saw it "

It was a nice coincidence with what is going in Lebanon

Next part will next Saturday at 8 o’clock Cairo Local Time on Al-Jazeera channel

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20 Responses to Ahmed Fouad Nagm talks about Hassan Nassar Allah

  1. Ahmed says:

    nice :)thanks god there are lots like u how can still see the truth :S…check this idiot !http://www.bigpharaoh.com/2006/07/16/the-new-nasrallah/

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