Sabah and daughter

Sorry for my absence from my space , I was too lazy to update it in the last week , well I didn’t feel I have much to share this for one , and number two I was busy in watching the World cup , oh yes I am big fan for the football “Don’t say soccer

Today already I waiting after one hour the great match between Brazil and France , despite my love to the French team yet I am loyal to the Samba boys .

Anyway I found something in the internet in one of the newsgroups I am subscribed to , in fact I was surprised to find something useful or eve funny to share with you

It is a screen capture taken from the Lebanese successful popular TV show in the Arab World “Shako Mako “ –Don’t even ask what the meaning of this name as I don’t but I know that it is originally a French program ,where the host in our case he will be popular “ Nishan” will host on a weekly basis celebrities in all kind of fields in the Arab World especially the Entertainment . The TV show is aired on the New TV Lebanese Channel and I don’t really know its timing as I don’t follow it as a matter of fact

Anyway from few episodes Nishan made a surprise to TV viewers from the Gulf to the Ocean ,where he hosted not only Legendary Lebanese Singer Sabah but also her own daughter Howadia . Sabah for those who don’t know is the oldest female singer alive until now , She used to be famous for her beauty ,elegance and her marriages , in fact she was the one who brought the Diva Concept to the Arab world , I believe she was and is still the Diva . Her age is unknown ,but some say that she reached her 80s , same thing for her marriages and lovers . I will write about her later

Howadia , her daughter was born in the 50s , her father was the Egyptian legendary violinist Anwar Mansi . This lady is a tragic example of how celebs kids can suffer . In 1970s she joined the Hippies and addicted to drugs , not to mention the rumours in Lebanon that she appeared in Porn movies. Her suffering came from being the Sabah’s daughter as all know that Sabah never cared or cares from anyone except her anyway

Check the Picture

Howadia is on the left with her red hair , Sabah is the old woman “Well both are old” , with yellow blonde hair extensions


Sabah is the real example of what Pink warned girls of becoming in her song “Stupid girls “ ,in fact I think Sabah appeared in the end

Anyway I love Sabah songs especially the ones in the 70s and 60s like Yana Yana and Hasona

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15 Responses to Sabah and daughter

  1. Alicia says:

    Joan Rivers in a big blonde wig! Teehee! LOL.

  2. Daan says:

    I really adore Sabah, even knowing she had like 8 mariages and did\’t look after her daugthers.

  3. Daan says:

    I\’ve watched the picture again… they could be like sisters! Sabah looks quiet young compared to her daughter

  4. bob says:

    And I always thought Micheal Jackson had more surgery then Sabah.. damnnn I sure was wrong… I just hope her face doesn\’t start falling off piece by piece.. if " Sabah" loved her daughter… she should buy her a birthday gift.. maybe PLASTIC SURGERY would make a great gift.. yallahhh ya Sabah make your daughters day.I\’m a Barbie Gurl in a Barber World.. your fantastic in a plastic world…loool

  5. bob says:

    Also I have to admit .. I do love Sabah\’s songs some not all but the one I have always adored was " Samira Tafook" not sure if I mis spelled that last name any ways she has alot more class then Sabah..

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