Say hello to the new Egyptian Pound

Say hello and welcome to the new Egyptian pound , our new pound metal coin
The Egyptian Ministry for finance issued the new pound form this month . I was lucky as my aunt works in a bank to get my share earlier than many in Egypt.I don’t know despite its good look with King TUT but I found it silly way to waster the public money .
For God sake ,the government speakers everywhere are saying " come on our pound now is like the Euro "
Well it  may  look like the Euro coin but does it have the same value and power !?
another thing all the world now is heading for credit cards ,ok forget that the credit cards in Egypt for now ,it is spreading like fire in the Egyptian middle class and of course it is everywhere in the high class yet people don’t use in Egypt in the day- to-day activites like in the west ,still the paper currency is the king in the country just like any other country
First this is against nature ,using metal
Second Why we can’t make a small paper pound like the Euro paper currency !! it is much easier
third , It is not good walking around and in your pocket with all these coins ,it will be heavy load not to mention the sound of the coins in your pocket
Stupid thing, it reminds in the old black and white Egyptian movies about the middle ages adventures when an old man throw small bag of coin dinras to his servant and ordered him to get some bread and meat !!
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9 Responses to Say hello to the new Egyptian Pound

  1. Ahmed says:

    At least we have a coin with one of our kings on the back. Coins are important and the whole world uses them, for phone booths, highways, news papers etc. The Americans use the quarter and it is almost the same value as the pound!!

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