Meet Khadija El-Gamal Mubarak

I didn’t categorise this under the News and politics because I believe this should be under the Egyptian Nights , which I dedicated for Egyptian life Style events 🙂

This is a bit old , very old news , but the son of president Mubarak , Gamal was engaged from few months , already I knew about that engagement and the girl he chose six months before the official announcement

The girl is called Khadija El-Gamal , a 22 years old graduated from the AUC , a daughter of a very wealthy business man , her family is very famous in Damitta .

Gamal is 42 years old by the way !!

Anyway Khadija made her first ever official appearance was yesterday in the World Economic Forum that is being held Sharm El-Shekih right now

here is she

From Left to right , Minister of Commerce and Manufacturing Mohammed Rashid , The Head of the policies Committee in the NDP Gamal Mohamed Hosni Mubarak , Ms Khadija El-Gamal , his fiancee and The Minister of Foreign affairs Mohamed Abou El-Gaate

Now to the juicy part of the Egyptian Nights , Khadija is predicted to be the fourth first Lady of Egypt 🙂

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