Crazy old Nawal

She must be a crazy old woman , I am sorry to call her this , but Nawal El-Sadawy , the famous feminist and writer went a bit too far this time

She is calling the people to be called with their mother names instead of their fathers , before the father names !!

Yes I know it is strange , so strange

to demonstrate it easily to you my dear readers , the Dr. Nawal’s daughter Dr. Mona Helmy published her new book last week ,in it she wrote on the front page

Author : Mona Nawal Helmy

At first I thought that they "those bunch of crazy women at the Women of Egypt of organisation wanted to use the Mother’s surname instead of the father but it turned that wanted the name of the mother itself

Imagine and this was said on the Egyptian Television

Mr. President George W. Barbara

What is more interesting that not only the crazy women at this feminist organisation answered the call of their leader but also the men in this organisation , yes there are some men supporters to Nawal starting with her husband Sherif , from two days Mona El-Shazely hosted Mona Nawal and two men members and she introduced them as following

Mr Mahmoud Hakmat Hanam and Mr Mahmoud Aziza

After Aziza she brusted in to a short a laugh which she could n’t stop , already I couldn’t stop myself from laughing , of course as a polite lady and professional interviewer she apologised

Interesting thing in Mona , she is not like her mom , she respects her femininity so much , you see her mom, Dr Nawal is famous in Egypt that she is the only celeb not to put a Make up at , leaving her short hair white , wearing always shirts and trousers , yet she get this cuddly cute face with childish voice and smile , a combination which Stephen King can portrait to an old witch living in over the hill house some where in No where in Kansas

On the other side Mona who once dyed her hair in to silver to look like Mom "She dyed it in to deep black like the Japanese black hair " , loves putting so much make up , despite the fact she is not that pretty in fact her mother is prettier than her , lots of make up and cosmetics and at the same time she attacks the cosmetics company , oh boy Max Factor must see the red lip stick and this awful reddish powder she puts on her chicks, she looks like stupid doll

I didn’t mention her strange in cloth, what a taste!? UN-matching colours and body clothes

anyway back to the mother name thing , Nawal says it is the natural thing , that all the society used this until very recent time " I don’t recall this in history" and that nothing in Religion is against it as in Islam we believe on the judgement day the human will be called by the name of his mother !!

Religious Men and Women call it a Heresy as in Quran " Call them after their fathers"

This is not the first time Nawal who I believe like to make propaganda to herself from time to time to collide with the society and religious establishment

already Nawal had a controversial opinion saying Pilgrim to Mecca is idolatrous

!! Shocking !! Positively Shocking ; James Bond in Ian Fleming’s Dr. No

and many other stupid opinions

she was a doctor and she got many social suggestion that no Islamic Society can expect "or even the Western" from the free sex life to the virginity of the girl which is in her opinion is not organic but more spiritual !! She used to be from the Left Communist wing yet the Egyptian Communists don’t like her as she steals the light from the important major issues to the minor useless things like the Mother/Father name !! Already right now they are angry from her and her daughter for being isolated from the Egyptian political street as a civilian organisation

right now Egypt undergoes very important changes and events from Judge protests to Economic changes to terrorism to external pressures!!

Nawal by the way is recognised abroad in Europe and U.S.A as feminist activist and she used to teach in some Universities there ,yet her political views were too much for the U.S especially with the Iraqi invasion !!

She became too arrogant in the last few months ,when they asked her to appear on the national TV in Daily Bit Batik , she told them that they should have called her from four days at least as she is not less then ministers!!

I don’t know but the Egyptian Woman is really suffering from many problems yet the organisations like Nawal’s or the first lady Suzann are not helping anyway by isolating themselves either in stupid issues or Air conditioned rooms

Anyway this is not the first and I won’t be the last for the ol’ Egyptian bat a.k.a Nawal to say more of her heresies

in the end I would like to mention one of her famous Quotes

The East and The West fight me

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42 Responses to Crazy old Nawal

  1. Umm Sabr says:

    Jazakhullah Khairun Ya ukhti I always appreciate your visits. May Allah rewards you for all your efforts amin Habibti
     Always your Companion on this Journey to Jannah
    Umm Sabr
    As Salaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi waBarakatuhu

  2. Mona says:

    hi, salaamz…jus wanted to you know wher i can find books by mona helmy? has she actually published anything..and is it all in arabic? any idea if i can find the stuff in english? (arabic student needs help for translation project!) would really appreciate if u kno..jazakallahu khair..x

  3. Amr says:

    we have also " Mr Gamal Susan " our future presedent
    هم يضحك ….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Zeinobia says:

    Mr. Gamal Suzan LOL!!

  5. Mona says:

    hey…thats great…thanx for letting me kno! wher in egypt are u?? im living in alexandria at the moment…wud u kno wher i can get mona helmy\’s book from?and any that you might recommend would be good for a translation project? i wud really appreciate it! jazakallah khair!

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