Talking about Da Vinci Code :: Vatican calls for ‘Da Vinci Code’ boycott

 I think this will generate more publicity to the book and the movie

People always to see taboos and topics that others don’t like on Screen


Da Vinci Code :: Vatican calls for ‘Da Vinci Code’ boycott

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4 Responses to Talking about Da Vinci Code :: Vatican calls for ‘Da Vinci Code’ boycott

  1. Alicia says:

    You\’re right. You know what? I was just thinking about that a moment ago and saying to myself, "Why won\’t they just ignore the whole thing because if they keep on talking about it, people will just get more and more interested in the whole Da Vinci thing." It\’s no difference than what happened with Paris Hilton. She makes a sex tape, and the whole scandal makes her into a star….ew.

  2. Hapy says:

    heya friend
    ive got davinCi code online if any1 wants it i will send the link
    and about the book a friend told me "النسخ ستسحب من الأسواق قريبا "

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