God Saves Egypt from its people- Miss and Mr Egypt

God Saves Egypt from its people as they are the reason of all its troubles , really I look to the current issues in Egypt and see how its people respond to and then I want to cry

People most of our political ,social and economic problems go back to the passive attitudes of Egyptians for more than 100 years

anyway last week Mr.Youssef Sabahi , the organiser of Miss Egypt contest , made another controversial beauty contest that Mr Egypt, the last time this contest was organised was in the year 1997 and guess who won it Mr Haney Salama "Not the actor " , who is now working as a documentaries producer and photographer ,and his documentary Control Room talking about Al-jazeera TV channel Coverage to war of Iraq won prizes "great change that surprised me , i remember when i had seen his pictures in the contest than saw him talking in Al-jazeera !!"

I saw the pictures of those young men who participated in this contest , well I am 100% positive that there are much more handsome and sexy Egyptian young man more than those sissies

The sissy sorry young man who won the title is Ibrahim Abd El-gawad "oh boy I never took a picture standing and smiling like this !!"

I never dreamt to say something like this but may God rest the souls of Egypt’s number 1 Dictator Gamal Abd El-Nasser and Egypt’s number 1 womaniser General Abd El-Hakim Amar

why i ask for mercy for those two ?

well in the late 1950s or early 1960s in Akhbar El-youm ‘s ex-publication called El-Jil " The Generation" , the chief in editor made a controversial contest called "Mr. Daring Eyes" , you see in our Egyptian Arabic Culture the Eyes are considered the most beautiful thing in the human being whether a man or a woman

anyway some losers who used put Gil in their heads and wore red leather jacket like late James Dean "Doon in Egyptian 50s pop culture" participated and sent their photos so ladies can choose from them

Gen. or what ever his rank was Abd El-Hakim Amar read about the contest who many stood against in the Egyptian Society and so he gave the order as followed:

  1. To arrest these young men immediately.
  2. To Shave their heads completely "potato’s head as in Egyptian pop culture".
  3. To send them to the Army to save their manhood.
  4. To dismiss the journalist who thought in this disgraceful idea
  5. To punish the Chief in Editor of El-Jil

I never dreamt to say this but this is from the few or even the only time Amar did something right.

Also I prayed for mercy to Abd El-Nasser when i knew today that his naughty daughter Mona attended the finale night for Mr. Egypt, strangely she didn’t attend Miss Egypt finale night as i read in today’s Sout El-Oma weekly , Mona Abd El-Nasser is the mother of Gamal Marwan ,the owner of Melody Music Channels ,the official TV channel for the event "what an event !?"

Back to the Youssef Sabahi ‘s contests , first the Sabahi is a famous family from Syrian Roots worked in Commerce from long time , this is handsome man worked as model in Italy from some time since came back to Egypt to start this modelling beauty contest business stuff "with all respectable this is a monkey business Egypt doesn’t need it , definitely doesn’t need it "

Mr Sabahi made a disgusting statement which seems to me as a justification why he makes these beauty contests in an Islamic Country where most of the people are against it in a matter in fact "come on how many families agree to make their girls stand like a slave in a slave show !?"

We arrange this event annually to promote as tourist attraction activity

Is n’t this so provoking !? a tourist attraction !! as if Egypt hasn’t enough tourist attractions

anyway Miss Egypt 2006 is Miss Faozia Shaaban "I don’t know how they chose her on which rule exactly !?"

here is her picture in the swim suite

I like to mention here something i read in the largest forum for Arabs "mostly Egyptian " on line that’s DVD4Arabs when someone showed the photos of Faozia on line

Were all the girls of Egypt burned so someone like her to win !?

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9 Responses to God Saves Egypt from its people- Miss and Mr Egypt

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