The Karaite Jews Sect

Certainty this is one of the most sects in Judaism, already few in the world from outside Judaism are familiar with it.

I heard about few months ago when I saw an interview with the oldest Jews in Egypt the legendary communist and lawyer Mr. Youssef Dervish, who reached his 96th year this year “BismAllah Mash Allah”

Mr. Dervish in the show explained briefly the difference between the Karaite Jewish Sect and the Rabbinic Jewish sect only yet he didn’t say more about why and how they became so.

Until this week when he appeared again on the TV to explain more

He explained the difference from other sects and the history of the sect.



The Sect was founded by a Jewish Man who lived in Old Persia at the middle ages, he was influenced by the Islam, that he merged lots of Islamic rules in to the Judaism.

Mainly the “Karaites” are easterns who lived in the Arabic Islamic countries and so they can be classified as Sephardim from the Jewish geographical classification




Beside the difference in names, there are other differences, very unique and tricky too.

  1. They believe in Torah only while the Rabbinic believe in Torah and Talmud.
  2. When they enter their temple they take off their shoes, just like the Muslims before entering the Mosques.
  3. Their names are not Jewish like Moses or Isaac but they are Muslim Names, yes don’t be surprise to find among their name Abd Allah, Abd El-Hamid…etc, at least for those who lived in Egypt.

Well back to the names of the two sects of course the Rabbinic goes back to the word Rabi

While in Karaism and this based upon my own perception, could go back to the Word of Quran, the holy Book of Islam, already the founder of the sect is so influenced by Islam in many things so may be they took their names from this point.{this is my thinking ,it is not the truth}


If you want to know more here is the official website for Karaite Jews of America

More about the difference between the Jewish movements, check this Web page, very informative

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8 Responses to The Karaite Jews Sect

  1. Alicia says:

    VERY VERY VERY INTERESTING POST!  I\’ve been learning a bit about the sects in Judaism.:) This was a really informative post.

  2. Unknown says:

    In addition to I recommed Forget Mr. Dervish\’s explanation; his proficiency in the facts leaves a lot to be desired. 

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