Meet The Muslim version of Barbie

Ladies and Gentlemen:

                                I present to you Fulla




Looking familiar is n’t it?

Fulla is a Qatari doll, and it is best selling girl’s game in the Arab world for high and high middle class, it is still a high price toy, already I found it more expensive than Barbie in ToyRs Egypt.

Fulla comes as brunette and black haired, with some what dark skin. Here dresses are all long and respectful no Hawaii’s style, She comes as veiled and non veiled but this is not a big thing  because you can take off the scarf from her head , her most famous custom is the Gulf Arabian famous black Abya.

Also she has no husbands or boyfriends, no Ken at all, she got a little sister.

Fulla as a trademark is a successful one as now there are Fulla coloring books, stories, pens and pencils.

People who fear from Barbie western impact on their Muslim little girls buy Fulla despite the fact they don’t know that it makes no difference for little girls, as my friend’s niece took of Barbie’s cloth and put it on Fulla and vice versa

Well unfortunately I didn’t catch Fulla , I am from the generation that is contaminated with Barbie western effect ,already I got my First Ballerina Barbie and another Barbie "I guess Malibu with the camping set, my dream was to buy that pink house "

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16 Responses to Meet The Muslim version of Barbie

  1. Menna says:

    FULLA , nice & cute subject 😉 , kOoOL

  2. Meedo says:

    hehehehee well i read about that fulla thing in G mag before but didnt continue in it andhow i think the new generation of kids well be extremly sane not to buy fulla or barbie i think they will buy machine guns and gernades and play with them safely ya this is 2006 🙂 so expect the unexpected!!
    take care

  3. Safiya says:

    Selamun aleykum your space is wonderful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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