My grand dad had passed away

I don’t know what to write or what to say except yesterday my grand father had passed away suddenly ,yes he was in the hospital in the IC because of strong winter flu ,yet we had faith that he was going to be just fine and come back again ,Already from two months he survived from the IC in Badran hospital ,I didn’t mention the disease but he was going to die from the doctors’ mistakes !! It was enough to say that he was suffering from high blood pressure ,he went from Badran with diabease ,I swear there was a night while he was there and we thought he was going to leave us ,yet yesterday we didn’t imagine that he was going to leave us in that simple way.
Thank God in the last two months ,he saw all his family member who loved him so much ,he was the elder of the family ,even his sister in the United States came and saw him ,it is heart breaking ,already I don’t know what I am writing .
Despite my early age I farewelled him when he was in the morgue and I attended his burial ,We got cemetery for the family in El-Fayoum way ,just like the pharaohs dead city ,who used to bury their dead in the West side .
I try not to remember how we recieved the news ,or what does this mean,sometimes I think he is going to come back ,he was too hyper active
He is a grand father to me ,he is a father too me ,My mom and my real dad divorced when I was just one year ,and I was raised by my grand father or Papa as used to call him ,I had n’t seen my father once ,I don’t know what his face looked like ,even when he died from Cancer when I was 8 year old and my mom told me to go and pray for him ,I prayed then I went to watch the TV because simply I didn’t know who was that person .
Yet it is different in My grandfather case ,so different ,yesterday morning I was crying and going wondering with no aim in the house ,just walking around .
My grand father is the one who made me like this , a blogger ,who loves to read and express her opinion ,a jounralist without a newspaper ,and this goes to the fact he was a great journalist in this Country ,you may not be fimilar with him simply because he was an honest man, who never sold his pen for the ruler’s satisfaction and that ‘s why he didn’t take anything from jounralism , he adored it and he adore the synidication and there were generations who graduated undeer his command and it is enough to say that Wagdy Kandil,Mamdouh Mahran and Osama Thraya worked under his command
I can’t write anymore except if you got El-Akhbar today you will see him in the first page , he was an Akhbar-El-youm stuff,this is another post story because he got very important books and great history
I want to send him a message : I know I promised you to make a website from Mohammed Ali Royal Family and I am sorry that I didn’t even started in designning the website despite I made a concept design for it ,and I am sorry I was lazy enough not to buy a scanner to scan all great historical photographic archive that I doubt that any one in the arab world has it ,
grand dad your pen is not dried yet and you still with us ,we love you and you can imagine the emptiness in our lives now , I may not know how to express my love easily but I guess you know I love you ,you are from my idols and God knows how much I feel now
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13 Responses to My grand dad had passed away

  1. Mu says:

    I\’m so sorry to hear that , I didn\’t lose someone very closed to me yet but i can imagine how you feel now. i\’m sure you\’re strong enough to make it without him.
    May he rest in peace

  2. Menna says:

    may he rest at peace , EL BAQA2 LE ALLAH , EN LE ALLAH W EN ELAYHE ROJ3ON  .

  3. Menna says:


  4. Menna says:

     really i don\’t know what 2 say !? what a pity !!look i know dat u\’re feeling blue & u\’re law-spirited , but insha2 allah u\’ll be more com4ortable , god donates u da patience , w el ba2eya fe hayatek

  5. Princess says:

    Inna lilah wa enna elayhe raje\’oon. La hawla wela quwata illa billah.
    It\’s strange that 2 out of 3 times, I come here to give out my condolences… There\’s always some kind of loss in life and in the past week, many Egyptians have sadly experienced the loss of having somone they love pass away, and you are one of them. I don\’t have the most appropriate words to tell you, but I pray to Allah that He would ease your mourning, and that He would place you and your loved ones in the highest heaven.
    The pain will subside, insha\’Allah.
    Take care.

  6. Sobia says:

    Asslamualaikum Inna Nilla Inna Ilayhe rajioon
    I am sorry for yuor loss
    May Allah ehlp you and your family

  7. Umm says:

    Asalam Alaikum
    My dear sister I will pray for him and your family. May Allah give you and your family patience and may he have piece in the grave and a place in Jannah. Ameen

  8. Alicia says:

    Assalamo alaikum,
    I\’m sorry to hear about that; your grand dad is in Paradise now with my Grand Ma. 🙂 I hope everything goes well for you and your family. (( hugs ))

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