Egyptian ferry sinks in Red Sea

  Today was a very sad day for Egypt despite out victory in the football against Congo

A terrible accident happened in the red sea where a big ferry sinked in the sea while it had on board 1500 passengers including the crew

The president was informed by this crisis in 6 am in the morning , I know it from Reuters in MY MSN as it is my homepage

The ferry was coming from Duba Harbor in Saudia Arabia to Safga Harbor in the Red Sea governate in the West of Cairo .It was in the middle of road another carrier "Saint Katherine" said it heard a S.O.S .yet they couldn’t find it as it disappeared from the radr

Terrible one ,already the red sea is deep one full of sharks

Very few survoirs were made despite they are so weak and tired in bad health "swimming many miles in very cold weather"

It is the first one as in 1990 Salam express ferry sinked too but it had only 646 passengers on board

My heart is with the families of the victims ,May Allah give them patience and strength over the loss of their beloved ones


BBC NEWS | World | Middle East | Egyptian ferry sinks in Red Sea

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3 Responses to Egyptian ferry sinks in Red Sea

  1. Alicia says:

    That was a really sad incident……similar to the Titanic.:(

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