Zeinobia,the Queen of Palmrya

Okay my dear visitors today is my birthday and so I celebrate it here on my way just like Frank Sintara ‘s wonderful song
I tell you the story behind my nickname over the internet :Zeinobia , I always use it since I began suffering the cyber space
Zeinobia : a greek name means The power of Zues , the king of Gods in Ancient Greece
In Arabic It means El-Zabah or Zeinab {Zynab} , which is a kind of tree with a beautiful smell ,and some say it is kind of a deer , ,Zeinab {Zynab} which is my name by the way ,is very old and very common in the Arabic civilization .
The History : Zeinobia was real person ,a Queen from the Queens of the legendary Orient ,the home of Cleopatra and Hatshipsout , She was the daughter of king of Palmyra "Tadmor"in Syria now
The people who inhabited this area came from Yeman from thousand of years ago ,as we now in 1 A.D I guess , they were speaking aramic ,arabic,greek ,worshiping the old gods of ancient times and from different places ,so you can find temples for ISIS ,Apollo and Ellat " An ancient arabian god"
Palmyra took its importance as vital crossing in the Silk road between Europe ,Asia and Africa
and for that a great desert civilization was found there
It was Zeinobia’s family who started this civilization and she made it reach the sky of Glory
Zeinobia ,the beautiful desert princess ,was a daughter of the king of the city ,married to her cousin ,who died young ,leaving her with young prince {AbdEllat} to rule .
As a young ambitious patriot Queen ,she began to raise her city to compete with Rome ,building theatres, houses, gardens and temples ,already she got the finance
Yet there was a nasty problem ,the romans ,who wanted more taxes and so the young beautiful Queen decided to rebell "I feel she was Aquarius just like petite moi"
Made  a powerful army and began her Quest to liberate the East from the Roman Empire to Establish hers becoming The Queen Warrior.With out going in to much historical facts Zeinobia did the impossible liberated Turkey and Egypt..
Egypt was a very important station as she was crowned in the Luxor Karnak’s temple ,giving the title "The daughter of Amon" which NO -Non Egyptian had taken it except Alexander the great after liberating Egypt from the Persian invasion .
Yet the Roman Empire didn’t stand like this , they made an even bigger and greater army that Zeinobia’s army couldn’t stand against ,especially with the batryal of some of her leaders and some of her colonies heads
And thus the desert beautiful Queen Warrior was defeated Roman records said she was captured ,sent to Rome to be a beautiful wife from one of the Army leaders while her son became a Sinate ,yet the Arabic records said the opposite "and I believe it more than the Roman because it suits Zeinobia’s arabian woman spirt" She ran away to got help from the Roman’s deadly enemy the Persian ,but She stuck in the way and thus she made another forgetten desert city in the Gulf area ,I don’t remember where may be in Qatar or Emirates desert
And so our history lesson about Queen Zeinobia is finished mes amigos
I guess you probably know why I chose her as nickname
And I guess you know how much the Arabian women are really strong
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18 Responses to Zeinobia,the Queen of Palmrya

  1. Alicia says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thanks for the comment. It\’s okay that you missed Yoam Al Muslimah. You weren\’t the only one, lol.:D

  2. ~~Song~ says:

    i love the new look,,,,"HAPPY BIRTHDAY"

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