Kuwait ‘s ruling system

I am writting this post to explain some parts of the rule problem in Kuwait
As you watched and read in the news The late Jabbar El-Sabbah prince of Kuwait died last week ,Prince Jabbar is very popular among his people in Oil heaven
His crown prince was his cousin Shekih Saad El-Sabbah , the one of the heros in Kuwait who stood against the Iraqi Invasion in 1990 and that ‘s the reason behind his popularity.
Now before I go any further to explain what happened
In the Gulf area the ruling system there is based upon the tribal system ,so in Kuwait and Suadia Arabia despite the existence of royal system ,yet there is no the regular crown prince -son thing as the rest of the world ,no it is different
in Suadia Arabia ,it is the sons of King Abd El-Aziz AlSouad ,the founder of the kingdom are those who inherit the throne ,only his direct sons not the grand son ,so it was King Faisal ,then King Khaled ,then King Fahed then king Abd Allah
Now in Kuwait ,the El-Sabbah family is divided to two parts El-Sallam and El-Ahmed ,and the rule is every prince of the State from any part must appoint his crown prince from the other part ,that is Late prince Jabbar was from El-Sallam and thus he had to appoint shekih Saad from El-Ahmed part and so on
So even if prince Jabbar had sons ,none of them can be the prince
To go back to what happened there
Shekih Saad was very sick ,even before late prince ,that many predicted his death even before late Jabbar , and already late prince Jabbar because of his illness ,he delagated some of his responobilities of the state ‘s prince to his prime minister who is Shekih El-Sabbah El-Ahmed ,same thing Shekih Saad did ,so technically it was the prime minister El-Sabbah he was ruling
after Shekih Jabbr death ,there was a big problem concerning El-Saad ability going to the Kuwaiti Parliament to say the oath ,the man is so sick ,he barely attended El-Jabbar funeral on wheeled chair and thus the talk began in the media to transfer the rule to his crown prince that is El-Sabbah Ahmed ,but here was a problem ,some royal family members wanted Saad and so on
Anyway the Problem was solved in very democratic way by the parliament and the cabinet ,also with family talk
And thus Shekih El-Sabbah became the prince of Kuwait
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5 Responses to Kuwait ‘s ruling system

  1. Princess says:

    I must say that you have explained this far better than I could. El-Sabbah did not officially become the Amir until yesterday, though you\’ve posted this a few days earlier. Good job nonetheless.
    I also found your "Jeddah" entry very interesting.
    Good stuff.

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