200 years on Mohamed Ali Basha rule to Egypt

200 years on Mohamed Ali Basha rule to Egypt

Yes Mohamed Ali Basha was chosen by the Egyptian people to rule them in 1805 in the summer, I didn’t celebrate or talk about it then because I was busy talking about the frustrating present in Egypt.

Mohamed Ali Basha my dear visitors is the founder of Modern Egypt , this Albanian who could n’t read or write made a great nation that invaded the Middle East and became a threat to the world powers then England and France , this Albanian did in 30 years what the Egyptians rulers in 50 years failed in.

Mohamed Ali Basha was chosen by the Egyptian people themselves in incredible incident that shows despite at that time Egyptians didn’t have the enough political culture or enough education yet they made the right decision.

The Basha was a great man despite that he made what now can be looked at as crimes as the Massacre of Mamlukes at the Citadel but come on if he didn’t do such violent act ,he wouldn’t have security nor stability in the country , a security and stability that paved for him the way to the country he wanted.

Kidnapped the kids so that they will be sent to Europe to be educated? Well this kidnapping process gave birth to Egypt great pioneers…

 Mohamed Ali Basha proved to have a long view in politics that fascinates me till now

Do you know that he refused the project of Suez Canal, saying that it will bring problems to Egypt and it did since its digging!?

It is also said but I am not sure of this historical fact happened in his era or Ishmael Basha era, that some European rich Jews wanted to rent Sinai and he refused whether it was him or it was his grand son Khedive Ismail or Ishmael by Hebrew.

Do you know why Mohamed Ali’s great achievements really happened?

 Next time inshallah, it is never too late to celebrate 200th anniversary of Mohamed Ali’s Rule to Egypt.

By the way I didn’t write about the occasion at its time because it makes me sad and even cry when I compare the conditions of Egypt now and then.

It was then better zillion times than now

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14 Responses to 200 years on Mohamed Ali Basha rule to Egypt

  1. Alicia says:

    Salam, good topic.:)

  2. Umm says:

    Asalam AlaikumI would like to hear more on this. Can you write more on him?

  3. moh says:

    its not the presdant i think its the people who make their own country

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