Bad day for democracy in Egypt !

Not only two but three , two in Zagzig and one in Damitta and so the death roll in the 2005 parliament elections reached to four if we counted the 20 years young man who was killed in the second phase of the elections in Alexandira "ironically the boy was just walking the street "

This is a bloody elections

and put the blame on the government not on the Muslim brothers


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5 Responses to Bad day for democracy in Egypt !

  1. Umm says:

    Thats horrible, why won\’t they let them vote?

  2. stan_curse says:

    hey..thank u 4 replayin me.. n yes its that m. el tab3i.. n thiss the onely book i ve found 4 him.. ive even went to el diwan elli fel zamalek bas mala2etloush haga,,fa if u know where can i find any of his work,,plz till me//….n actualy i dont think that he talked about asmahan at all..mayb he did,but in a way methawara masalan…i waned to ask u ..wt is this all about,,? is this kind of a project or som..? u look like an AUC girl 2 me.. ma2sodsh haga wehsha tab3an,,i told u i like ur work..its just that i find this a bit big,.. thx

  3. l0se #yr# self## with------>me says:

    ya gama3a 3mo nazeef 2aal in el sha3b el masry sha3b 3\’eer nadeg wmesh hay3raf yeta7\’ez el 2arar
    w fi el a7\’er a7eb a2olko in 7amyha 7aramyha wallahi ya nas 🙂

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