Ancient Egyptian Cinderella

This is a new discovery for many many people Cinderella fairy tale for children that became international heritage , of course you know Cinderella , the beautiful young girl who works as maid in her own house because of her step mother and ugly step sisters, the prince, the good witch and the glass  shoe …
Well it turned that the original plot comes from the valley of the Nile in Ancient Egypt
The proof is in the British Museum , a papyrus with hieroglyphics
The plot of the story is the same , a good poor girl working as a maid  in her step mom’s house and a bird comes from a sky to take a slipper or a shoe from her , she already was bare feeted cleaning the floor while putting her slipper aside
The bird took the slipper and flow away ,it reached to the royal place in the capital in Manaf "Gizah now" and throw down to the royal garden while the young king was there, thinking about his future Queen bride ,already there were girls around but he just couldn’t feel anything towards them
He saw the bird throwing something and so he ran away to see what it was
It was a slipper ,a female slipper ,small in size ,it was for young girl.
The prince then believed that the Gods chose from him his bride, the owner of the slipper ,as Not only it came out of heaven but the bird was Hawk , the powerful bird worshiped by the Egyptian in Ancient Times under the name of Horas .
And so the Young King would go on a quest to find his other half his queen bridal and the only thing he had , the only guide was the Slipper.

See it is the same the plot , idea and element
The poor beautiful girl
The cruel step mom
The lonely king
The heavenly factor whether a good witch or a good hawk
The Slipper
This small fairy tale seems to have Egyptian roots at the end

By the way Nobel prize winner Egyptian Naguib Mafouz wrote a Novel about this plot ,he was fond about the Ancient History and Wrote many novels which settings where in the Ancient Egypt like Tabia ‘s people
In Mafouz Novel the girl is called Ramdis and the King is called Ahmos , Ahmos is the favorite name for Mafouz to call his hero in Ancient Egyptian themed Novels
Ahmos is the Name of the Famous pharoah who freed Egypt from the Hyksoos who invaded Egypt , and he is founder of the Middle State in Egypt
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26 Responses to Ancient Egyptian Cinderella

  1. Umm says:

    Asalam AlaikumWow that is really interesting. Just wanted to let you know why I changed spaces. LOL I know it looks the same. My old passports email had my real name in it. I don\’t like for people online to know my real name unless I tell them personaly.

  2. K. D. says:

    wow, that is an interesting story. I am glad to see the roots of it. I am actually interested in learning of Egypt as well as Islam

  3. Islam says:

    great work new alerts 🙂 good job ") no news .. no update .. wher are you zinopea im waiting for the news abut ur egyption site spaces i hop soon ..happy day for you

  4. koko says:

    hey nice work i liked ur site and u have lot of ideas , and so am waitting ur comment on the egyptian elections wala u r not interstead

  5. E says:

    Horas is the basis for another fairytale Jesus Christ.

  6. Zeinobia says:

    Yes Jesus Christ in Christiany is influenced by the ancient world\’s mythes among them Horus and Isis

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