Pray for Moustapha Akkad

 First Do you know Moustapha Akkad?

if you don’t know this syrian man or never heard of him ,I will tell you who is him

He is great talented director who made great two movies about Islam and Arab nation El-Resla and Omar ElMokhtar

still don’t know him ,well to make it easier

Do you know Halloween series ? Mick Myers killing people

He is the excutive  producer of this series , one of the few arabs who had the courage to work in Hollywood , there are many lebanese producers in Hollywood but they don’t care about producing or making not a movie but even a documentary about the Arab or Islamic history

Moustafa El-Akad needs your prayers now as he is lying between life and death in Aman hospital , the international director who opposed the war in Iraq was in the wrong time in the wrong place in Redisson hotel in Jordan when the blasts happened


His daughter Rima passed away from injuries while he suffers from injuries plus he got a heart attack that made things worst ,

There are many tragdies in Redisson hotel Jordan branch from wedding victims to Moustafa Akad

Please Ask God to mercy him


Moustapha Akkad

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3 Responses to Pray for Moustapha Akkad

  1. Mu says:

    My condolences , I\’ve just knew he has past away.

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