What we eat in the Eid

My dear visitors today I will tell you what we eat in the feast in Egypt ,already as You know every Muslim country in the world celebrating this three-days feast got specail way in Celebration
In Egypt we got specail tradition and custom and here I will tell you what we eat in those joyful happy days
I will start with the Main course ,it is Fish ,Fish ,Fish
No Meat, No birds "Especailly on these days because of the birds’ flu"
Why Fish ? because simply we don’t eat fish awhole month ,that is in Ramadan ,as Fish causes thirst and it is hard to thirsty while fasting so you see empty fish market in Ramadan ,but now well it is their days
Any kind of sea food, fish ,shrimp,calamari, salted fish,fried or grilled ,yummy yummy
okay we will move to the dessert
We will move fom the Fish market to the Bakery
It is Egyptian Cookies,Cookies,Cookies,Cookies forever
only in Egypt sweet cookies Covered with iced-suger stuffed with many different types
I love the non stuffed types ,it is awsome
Not  only cookies but also Biscuits
For me well I ate fish "grilled salmon’ and shrimp ‘grilled’ and I ate cookies 
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19 Responses to What we eat in the Eid

  1. chemicalbrothers242 says:

    happy eid to u…….aswell……ahmad is celebratin on thrisday and im on friday

  2. Mu says:

    Hi Scheherezade , Happy Feast long time no see.kol sana wenty tayba

  3. MeTaLGeaR says:

    salam 3alikomhappy new eid 😀

  4. Mohammed says:

    ★∵☆.◢◣  ◢◣    ◢■■◣ ◢■■◣   ◢■■■■■■■■■◣  ◢■■■╭~~*╮((((■■■◣    ◥■■■/( \’-\’ ) (\’ .\’ ■■■◤   ◥■■■/■ …./■■■◤     ◥■Eid-Mubarak■◤     ◥■■■■■◤      ◥■■■◤       ◥■◤        ▼ 一        \          \一          \            \ Ûn†Rúl¥ Ûя§ ~            \              \               \                       ● \ ●              《 ︾ ︾》               》 《          ▂▃▄▅▆▇███▇▆▅▄▃▂Eid Is A Time Of Fond Remembrances…Along With Wishes Of Every Joy & Happiness…Hope This Eid Turns Out To Be Of A Very Happy Kind …By The way Nice Space.. Keep It Rollin.. L8a..

  5. Umm Sabr says:

    Eid Mubarak sorry for the late greeting got home late last nightYour sister in DinUmm Nasirah bint Jackie Dean ToddAs Salaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa BArakatuhu

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