Happy Eid Fatr-Happy Feast

Happy Eid and Happy Feast to all the Muslims around the world
As the Day after tomorrow on Thursday ,The third of November will be the starting Day of Eid El-Fatr
Eid El-Fatr is the from the two major feasts in the Islamic calender
In Classical Arabic and all Arab world it is known as Eid El-Fatr ,that the Feast of Breakfast , as Muslims Celebrate the end of Ramadan in it
They return to their old days of eating ,the normal days
It is a three days feast
In Egypt it is Called the Small Feast as its number of days similar than the Adah Feast "Four days" , Adah is the second feast in the muslim Calender.
Kol sana wanto tayeben ‘Many happy returns of the feast
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17 Responses to Happy Eid Fatr-Happy Feast

  1. Islam says:

    :):):):)zinopiaaaa :)kol sana wenty tyipa and i hop alah have forgit all in ramadan and me too ya rab :)3id sa3id like 🙂 anf for ur family :happ days for you 🙂

  2. Nermeen says:

    Wenty tayeba!!! Ramadan 3ada besor3a awy hena-mahasetsh bee khales!! I luv the desserts in Egypt. Atayef, basboosa, konafa, etc. Esp from this place Boshbosh that is rite next to our apartment in Egypt. I luv da desserts-mmmmmmmmm. I miss Egypt! Don\’t get me thinking about it, my mouth gets watery. Lol! U no wat else I miss? Shebsy bel gebna and shebsy bel tamatem!!! (cheese flavored chips and tomato lavored chips) they don\’t have it here in USA-I\’ve been craving those unhealthy cancer chips for ever-LOl! I\’ll submit to the spaces thing rite now. Eid is thursday!! Eid Sa3eed! LOl!

  3. Alicia says:

    Happy Eid to you, too!:D

  4. Sania says:

    عيد سعيد!مع تحياتي

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