Amr Khaled

Ok yesterday Mona Shazely completed her success by hosting for the first time in Egyptian Channel the famous Amr Khaled ironically it was on the same channel that once Hala Serhan made fun of Amr Khaled from two years ago along with Mofid Fawozy.It seemed it is was an old friends reunion ,it was friendly after El-Shazely and Khaled worked together in the same television network ‘ART’ for years ,so he called her Mona and she once or twice called Amr ,but the fear of his admirers to think that she doesn’t respect him she kept calling him Amr Khaled
Anyway,For the first time Khaled admits that he had to leave Egypt by higher orders otherwise if he wants to stay in Egypt ,he must shut up and work as accountant ,but he refused to leave his role and his message as he said and departure was much easy from outside but very very hard from outside
here I will stop on something why they did so to Khaled ?
He said that his last lecture in Hosri Mosque in 6th of Oct. Area was about the Story of Joseph in Egypt and how he saved Egypt and the whole Middle East from a famine despite he was jailed in the prisons unjustly
this was his last story and after that "Take ur bags if you want to complete telling these dangerous stories for young Kids!!!!!!!!!"
Well it seemed to me that there was a political dimension for Joseph Story more than we think
May be because Joseph was from Israel ,may be because the rulers failed ,and the prisoner succeeded ,I don’t know
if anyone finds this dimension please tell me
by the Way Amr Khaled for those who don’t know him please visit this
this man ,god bless him helped in reviving the Islam in the soul of young Egyptians
He is not a shekih and doesn’t give Fatowa but he is better than thousands shekihs. he got an a civil organization helping the society as you will see in the website
he became an international celeb when the British government and prince Charles asked for his help along with Tarek Ramadan
we still has a lot to talk
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7 Responses to Amr Khaled

  1. Unknown says:

    I am sure alot of people are happy he is back.

  2. Nermeen says:

    Amr Khaled is a great guy! He helps encourage a lot of ppl. BTW I like da colors of ur space. Im gonna prbably change mine soon, I\’m not sure yet. I like change so I mite.

  3. safa says:

    salam ya akgi amr khaled emta hay kun sonah alhayat

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