Aswan ,the best city of Folkore around the world

This is an old news but worth telling
Aswan ,the famous Egyptian City in the South was chosen by The Unisco ,the UN organization for culture as the best city for folkore around the world
Aswan ,it is very beautiful city in the South of Egypt famous by its history and also by the Dam of Aswan ,the great dam that generates elecrcity not only for Egypt but for the Middle East ‘several countries use it like Jordan ,Syria ‘
I went to Aswan when I was child and I am sure I want to got there again ,the Nile is anothr Nile than that we know in Cairo
Aswan is best chosen for folkore ,for its People are proud and keen on keeping old traditiions of their culture than any other part in Egypt
Aswanis ,or the people of Aswan are black people from The Nubia part , between Egypt and Sudan ,they got their own language and they are very attached to this land ,their traditions are unique also their buildings not to mention their songs and dances
They are great people and I am proud that they are part of this multi-ethnic people of Egypt
yes we are mulit-ethnic yet you can recognize it bcause the Egyptian personality always rules 🙂
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5 Responses to Aswan ,the best city of Folkore around the world

  1. Alicia says:

    Salam,I think I played this game once called Egyptian Prophecy: the Fate of Ramses where you have to travel to Aswan.:) Aiwa, Egyptian people rule!:)

  2. Unknown says:

    I just wanted to inform you that I have changed my space.

  3. Unknown says:

    Sounds like a nice place. When we went to Egypt we were going to take a cruise down the nile. I was so excited, but we could not find a cruise with out alcholo being served, I was so upset. I will have to look at them again, but I think some of them went down to some of these little citties just outside Egypt.

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