Jackson to Bahrain!!!

Michael Jakcson is visiting the Bahrain now as he got invitation from the royal familly !!

He wants to relax after his trial

I am surprised that this invitation comes from an arabic islamic royal family !?

This sick person was accused of one of the most disgusting and horrible crime ,yes he had the opportunilty of being innocent but it is disgrace

I don’t know what is the reaction of the Bahrani people about this , do they agree that their money ‘not real the royal family money ‘ be spent on this sick person !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 



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3 Responses to Jackson to Bahrain!!!

  1. Unknown says:

    Hiya, Nice Space. I Have Been To Egypt, I had Always Wanted To Go, It Is So Amazing. I\’m Thinking Of Putting My Photos On To My Space But I\’m Not Sure.Katie x X x

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