It really works

It real works ,the strike in the EL-Siada Zeinab Mosque in Cairo yesterday ,Kafia’enough’ movement with other opposition  movement made it in symbolic reference to the famous Egyptian tradition to clean the  mosque by a broom or in other words ‘Brooming the El-Siada Zeinab on them’ ,the famous old tradition goes back to belief that cleaning/brooming  the Siada Zeinab Mosque where the tomb of Lady Zienab ,the grand daughter of Prophet Mohamed "PBUH’  is and other related family members of Prophet Mohamed Mosques can help in fulfilling hopes especailly the hopeless cases

So as you see ,Kafia used the symbol brooming the mosque for miracle to the hopeless case of political condition in Egypt

so people in strikes got their brooms and clean the mosque and the result was amazing on the same day president Mubarak ordered to have another adjustment to the presidential elections laws, the adjustment is to cancel the conditions saying it is okay for double nationality and non militaey services doers to join the presidential elections !! making it hardere for his own son GM

Did I tell you brooming the mosque had a result!!!

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2 Responses to It really works

  1. Islam says:

    kifaya , mobarak , aohhhh will see what will hapin them doing things and hime do things but u wana the trust im realy cant trust kifaya anyway realy this is egypt and uknow what i mean i cant belive or makmt silfe think the egyption ppl = kifaya i dont think so kifaya not the egyption ppl this not the sabject lol its ok happy day for u 🙂

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