NO for the presiential election law in Egypt 1000 times



No for the Egyptian election law again I say it here for the whole world people we all use our minds to think in logic ,okay so see the comedy the assembly is discussing and approved According to the assembly ,MR. Egyptian president should be

  1. A member in a political party ,a party that must have been established and approved ‘put under it 1000 lines’ from 5 years ago ‘that means independent candidates are out of the game ,also all the politica parties that are established recently ,less than 5 years are also out of the Game ,and so they can’t participate in the 2005/2006 elections!!next elections folks!!"
  2. The presidential candidate must have approval from certain number more than hundred I guess from the assembly and the national concuils ‘in the governates’ !! ‘taking in consideration that most of the members in the Assembly are from the National Democratic party ‘ruling party’ plus the national concuils members are appointed by the government and most of them are from NDP !!
  3. The presidential candidate’s party must have membership in the assembly ‘from the minority less then 5 parties are from the opposition in the Egyptian PArliment majority for NPD!!!" 
  4.  NO media coverage for the candidate in the punlic owned media " here no presidential candidate will present his program in The national tv or public newspaper !!
  5. presidential candidates other than the NPD’s candidate ,can’t put any posters or make any public meetings outside their parties according to the current parties laws 6- The promotion campagin is only three weeks from the elections date in July to choose the president for six years!! All those reasons made me trying to say No for the law but I failed ,check older post,

nOw the honorable assembly added more strange conditions ,ironically intended to make it more easily to Candidates , yet if you read it, well you will ……..I don’t how to describe it

1- According to the new law , it is not a condition for the presidential candidate to be a college graduate ,a high school graduate can make it !!

2- According to the new law the presidential law ,it is not a condition to do his military service !! hmm ,I am with Civilian ,but at least he had his military service done!!

 3- The presidential candidate can have two countries’ passport ,he can have an egyptian passport and for examples ,heavens forbid and carries an Iserali passport!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The last two conditions are tailored especailly for Mr. Gamal Mubarak ,the son of the president who didn’t do his military service of course plus he has another country passport " I guess British" What do you think GUys ? I want NOn-Egyptians to say what they think , I am right in my refusal , right!?

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12 Responses to NO for the presiential election law in Egypt 1000 times

  1. control says:

    u have many special things here and ur now one of my special bloggers so ur there. 🙂

  2. الصراحة راحة says:

    I am not an Egyptian, bas I am very interested in Egypt and Egyptian politics because Egypt has such an important history, and many important political events in the Arab world involved Egypt (not to mention the fact that ana ba7ib ahl Masr kteer awi 😀 ). Anyway, I am very much against anything that allows for the ascent of another Western puppet to power…and it is WRONG for a President or any leader to tailor the laws of a government in order to make way for his son…that is wrong w meet ghala6..bas I wanted to ask you something sis: ya3nee inti dil wa\’ti bit\’ooli NO to the Presidential Elections mish kida ? 6ayyib what else would you like to see happen in Egypt? ya3nee would you rather that Husni Mubarak simply install his son without even the courtesy of allowing elections to take place (even if the elections were fake and rigged) ? W sorry to type such a long comment on your space sis, anyways, i\’d like to hear your opinion on what I wrote w shukran ilik 🙂

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