Wacko JAcko is innocent !!!

JUSt few second ,the jurys in Santa Maria said that Jacko is not guilty from all the charges !!!

COme on ,it is the second time

how can they let him again ,this man needs the jail

Watch the CNN coverage now

edit: why Rav. Gesse Jackson   is happy by this!!

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6 Responses to Wacko JAcko is innocent !!!

  1. Paul says:

    Thems the breaks with US law…. only takes one doubter 😦

  2. Wesley says:

    He doesn\’t need jail, he needs help from people who truly care about him.

  3. Alicia says:

    You beat me to the post! LOL. I couldn\’t post anything on my site until now because my internet was down.

  4. Islam says:

    will that ur think abut hime and them have anther think mmmmmmm anyway that not the best any moore right ? but wee r know he is the best …………………………..

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