Tony Blair ,3rd round

Ok to all my british friends ,Tony Blair won for the third time in historical yet weak victory ,a 3rd round in the leadership of British politics Arena ,after alot of Scandals from Iraq and being the America’s slave after beign the master ‘sorry for my bad words ,but in fact most of the world ‘s Governments including my country’s became a slave to the american white house ‘

I heard that Tony Blair and the Labour won with the help of american experts in promotion ,The Intergated marketing communications magic ‘ I study this right now and I know how effective it is !,it is like a charm.

The question till when Blair will move in the american parada ,doing as the american cabinet says ,Now it is Iraq ,what if the next was Syria or Iran ,will the Brits be willing to send their sons to the wild wild East !?


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9 Responses to Tony Blair ,3rd round

  1. الصراحة راحة says:

    Thx for your lovely comment on my blog..I update it frequently so there is usually lots of new stuff…Your blog is cool…nice Egyptian blog…"will the Brits be willing to send their sons to the wild wild East !?"^^ looooool ^^ the Wild Wild East….lol !!

  2. Alicia says:

    I feel rather sorry for Blair falling for Bush\’s lies. I think he was just trying to do the right thing by trusting what Bush said believing that Bush was right when he was really wrong. :(:(:(:(

  3. Unknown says:

    i h8 tony blair

  4. JP says:

    Tony Blair got in because there is really no alternative to vote for. Labour\’s record with the economy is also very good. People vote for their own interests first but there were a lot of votes for others as a protest. People wanted Labour to win with a reduced majority (less seats in the house of commons) and that\’s what we got. He has had a slap on the wrist. Now, maybe, politics can thrive in the UK as there can be more debate as Labour do not have all of the seats in the house of commons to vote through their bills (law changes)

  5. melody says:

    I accidently found your space and i\’m glad i did. Its interesting and informative to me. Being British and living in Alex at the moment. Bookmarked your space for further reading! Thx, the politics of Egypt fascinate me, but i\’m fast losing touch with those of my country. I totally agree, all are becoming slaves of America. Its one reason why i left U.K. Sadly, there seems no escape from dictation of the U.S. superpower corruption, where ever you now live i feel.

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