The return of the ghost

Ok check this link and you will know that Cairo ,my city had a bloody afternoon today if you don’t kow from the news

the first one I heard when I was in the univeristy ,it is in the heart of the capital Cairo near the Cairo muesum and Hilton ,I went across this section million not thousand times , it was  a blast made by  a suicide bomber who bombed himself in the park ,killed himself ,injured some people three Egyptians ,other nationalities among them 2 Iseralis ,then after half an hour ,an attack happened by  two girls two black from up to down veiled girlS!! for the first in the history of Egyptian terrorism two girls made an attack ,it was by guns and they were killed ,the attack happened near EL-Siada Aisha Mosque in old Cairo ,very crowded ,already those parts of Cairo ,are 24 hours crowded.

The reports came saying that the suicide bomber was one of the persons involved in the Azhar terrorist act last week ,ok it is fine but the girls I oculdn’t believe it when they said one of them is his girl friend ! girl friend a radical muslim has a girl friend !! anyway the other one was his siste

whether these details are true or not the ghost of terrorism is back in very hard time in the political life en Egypte!!


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3 Responses to The return of the ghost

  1. Alicia says:

    Two girls made an attack???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :|:|

  2. Alicia says:

    Asfah. I was so busy reading your article I accidentally typed the word "Two" in place of my name. All I have to say is be careful in Egypt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :|:|

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