The Sinai Liberation day

Yesterday  Egypt celebrated the Sinia Liberation day on the 25th of April it is a national day ,a day off ,already this year ‘and every year in fact’ we got many days off in the monthes of April and May because of national days and religious feasts of the Chirstians I really love it

Ok to Know what is the Sinia Liberation Day,go back to the history ,the political modern history of the region . That day from 20s years ago or even less as I was a little girl by then , Taba a very tiny town in Sinia on the Egyptian-Iserali borders returned back to Egypt after 20 years I guess under the Iserali Occupation ,already Egypt returned back its lands taken in 1967 by the war in 1973 ‘we won it despite all the Iserali Claims’ and by Peace in 1977 ‘we started it also by Late Sadaat may God bless his soul Proposal ‘ yet There was Taba which the Iseralis claimed to be from their Land!!

So we turned international Judgement ,got out our maps and documents and Taba returned back to its mother again

I remember this day as I saw when I was a kid in TV the Iserali settlers refusing to leave Taba and forces are pulling them back to Iseral ,lots of kicks and Screams

One of the interesting thing in Taba case that among the people who were in The Egyptian defending team from international lawyers and so on was the Husband of HRH Ex-Empress Fawzia ,Price Ismail Sherien ,the handsome Prince was an expert in the international law

It is not late ,in fact it is never late by I send all my love ,my respect and my prayers to all those who gave their blood and souls to the sake of the Nile valley and the unity of its lands

N.B ,Taba is very very beautiful part in Egypt especailly Dahab ,ask Jon Paul about it:)

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12 Responses to The Sinai Liberation day

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