Understanding Hezbollah Of Lebanon


Understanding Hezbollah Of Lebanon
An excellent article ,read it guys till the end in order to kinow the real truth of HazbAllah .HazbAllah is not a threat to the United States but it is a threat to Iseral,it will be a threat to The United States if its administration ordered the U.S Army to attack Iran or Syria or Lebanon itself ,anf the reasons here are so clear ,Iran because they are shiia like them ,Syria ,Lebanon’s big sister ,muslims and arabs like them ,regardless of the regime and its shiia believes,of course Lebanon well it is their country and as far as I remember the explosion during the 80s or 70s in Lebanese civil war, the great explosion that killed American marines in Beirut ,the suicide bomber who was a woman ,was from HazbAllah

HazbAllah is just defending his land by its way and I think the U.S will have to deal with it ,not by the american terms but by the HazbAllah’s .

First the lebanese people support it and respect it ,after all they were from one of the reasons that were behind the Iserali retery from South of Lebanon, after all they were behind the freedom of the lebanese prisoners with the Iserali captured pilot ,I remember this day very good in all Lebanese TV channels ,Lebanon was dancing happily with the return of its man ,and really it was surprising  that the party accused by Terrorism respected the international agreement about the prisoners of War,that the Iserali Pilot or officer seemed healthy respected man ,while the lebanese prisoners seemed coming from hell !!!

Second HazbAllah is already the unofficail lebanese army ,for God Sake ,the Lebanese army is responsible only to stop strikes ,fight fire ..etc ,it is a civilian army if you understand what I am saying ,it is the known that Southern Lebanese are tougher than northen lebanese ,coming from living in the mountains ,hard way living and so one ,My neighbour is chirstian lebanese who once told me that HazbAllah is popular in her town becuase they protected Lebanon ,Lebanese adore their land

Third HazbAllah is not only a militant group it is a political structure ,with members in the Lebanese Parilment,a socail structure with many socail foundations like Orphanges, hospitals. it is popular and if you watched just last week they had a great protest in Beirut their supporters were hundred thousands from the capital only,it already has the whole south in under its protection

fourth the lebanese Leader Walid Johnbolat said thousand times ‘no for taking the weapons from the hands of HazbAllah people ‘ Johnbolat is one the first figure in the lebanese opposition despite he is now angry from HazbAllah ,because of some protests in the South described him as Iserali Agent or something similar ,yet they stand all on the same floor

HazbAllah could have win the respect of the west if it plays the game well ,the media game ,attacking Judism and associated it with Zoinism all the time is wrong ,I was taught in the School that those two are different things ,Judism is a religion muslims respect it and believe in it and its prophets while Zoinism is political movement yes arabs against it jus like me ,but it already exists ,already has its power ,already we have even to respect and understand it .HazbAllah doesn’t do this ,if it moves like Nasser’s policy attack Iseral and its supporters.this is not from the art of Politics ,If they just changed the tune to another calm one or as we say in Egypt keep what is in the heart in the heart .They have to know there is already a country called Iseral with people called Iseralis ,even the Palestines who lost their land 1948 understand this clearly and act according to it

HazbAllah radical islamic views go to its Shiia believes ‘yes they are Shiia if you don’t know ,so don’t associate Ben Laden with them ,they hate Bin Laden And Bin Laden Hates them too’

I think sooner or later the U.S will admit that there is a political power called HazbAllah of Lebanon not as terrorist group

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