Red Cairo-Kessinger and the reds

Happy Valentine days people all over the world ,every boy and man should have selected a gift to present to his girl in this love day

In Egypt ,Cairo became a red capital for two reasons: The Valentine Day and The Ahly great victory on Zamalak yesterday

Every gift shop ,flower shop ,Cafes and restaurants made itself ready for the love day ,thousands of red flowers in the flower shops are now for sale ,Gift shops and perfum shops  raised the prices of Gifts and Gifts wrapping to the double!! Restaurants in this international days  only for couples so the solo people  like are not invited ‘I am thinking of taking my little cousin Mido with me tomorrow to friday’s boat ‘, Also Concerts for romantic singers like Amr Diab ‘if he is a romantic ,what Halim is!!’ and Haifa Wahby ‘sorry she is not a romantic ,she is a female[I don’t use bad words in my space] ,and the lebanese duo Rageb Alama and Elissa will rock Cairo in one of the 5 stars hotels also tomorrow!! what Can I say it is a season for love and money making

Yesterday and today Cairo was and is red till now beside the preparation for the big l’amour jour but also for the great triumph of The Ahly Club yesterday in its match with the Zamalak [they are like ArSEnal and MU] ,I like Ahly coz I like Salah Salim ,one of its legends [big story about hi,],Ahly ‘s Flag is red one ,so you can image now ,all ahly lovers despite the cold weather putting red flags every where

the matches of the Ahly and Zamalak are also money making season ,flags selling ,stupid dump stuff from Mobile phones logos, wall paper,people are getting crazy more and more by this magical round ,Egyptians are made about the football ,I can put them in the same category with The British,The Italians and Brazilians for their love to Football and their undesereved care to the football players

Here I remember a nice tale about the fox of the foreign affairs in the U.S ,Mr.Henry Kessinger , when he came to Egypt in 1973 or 1974 to open the negotiations with El-Sadat after long time of bad relations with the U.S because of Nasser and his alliance to the U.S.S.R [Egypt was from the left red camps before the sadat era] ,when He came as I said ,the people of Egypt and their habbits weren’t known yet to the americans ,He was in the presidential car going  to meet El-Sadat at the same time Ahly club was playing in Cairo Stadium ,for his bad luck he had to go  beside the stadium at the same time Ahly won ,the match was over ,people were going out carrying Ahly red Flags and singing in a way nearer to screams

so here is the scene ,Kessinger sitting in the car suddely he saw thousands not even hundreds but thousand screaming in Arabic ,holding red flags coming near his car, so Guess what he thought

He thought it was a communist protest against his visit

yet thank Goodness ,the people with him in the car from the Egyptian Officails told him about what it was really about

Happy Valentine Guys

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6 Responses to Red Cairo-Kessinger and the reds

  1. Alicia says:

    Nice entry. I like Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, too.

  2. Bob says:

    I am surprised to read that Valentines Day is celebrated in your part of the world as well. Does it have the same relevance that it does in the west, or is it just so that businesses ( restaurants and so on ) can make more money ??

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