The Empress of the Nile : The Princess of Persia

Ok Guys back to our story "The Empress of the Nile" ,The short biography of HRH The Ex princess and Ex-Empress Fawzia Ahmed Fouad of Egypt ,the Sad story of Love and dignity,If you don’t remember the pervious two eposides I recommend that you go in history and read eposide 1,2 either from the Blog section or the archive

to make easier for you I will go for brief words about the last 2 eposides,In the 30s of the last century ,the Beautiful Princess Fawzia Ahmed Foud ,the sister of King Farouk of Egypt ,who was and is still known by her legendery beauty had a prosposal to accept and if so ,that proposal could change her life enterily ,it was the proposal of marriage from the New Kingdom at that Time ,the shah wanted a bride to his son shabour Mohamed Reda ,also King Farouk wanted to have an ally in Iran plus this will help him in his Islamic kingdom project he wanted ,also the old shah wanted an Ally in Egypt ,the oldest Royal family in the middle East and the strongest and most influence at that period of time ,ok you know in the mood ,let’s complete our short Bio of the Beautiful Princess

  • The Azhar: Ok all this chitchat and there is nothing about what Fawzia thinks ,her brother thinks the idea is good yet he is afraid ,first Iranis  are Shiia ,while Egyptians are sunni ,second Farouk believed that Iranis were violent people and Fawzia was a very soft and kind girl but the pros of that marriage is outweighted its cons ,yet the religious obstacle was one to be left so a question was asked to the Sheik of Azhar "at that time the Azhar had a real independent authority from the King and it was really strong islamic establishment not weak one like today" The sheik of Azhar said there was nothing against the marriage of the sunni and Shiia "I doubt it ,as now they say it is impossible ,it is forbidden marriage the one between a sunni woman and shiia man,I don’t about what happened in the past"here I guess the politics played its role here ,yet in Good way ,the project of an islamic kingdom is Good one ,and it had its supporters from the people and Azher so may be shiek of Azher thought it was in the benefit of the muslims that this marriage to happen ! I don’t know about that .
  • The Bride: The beautiful princess who in that time was a prisoner of one of the palaces thought it was a good day ,may be she saw as escape ,an opportunity , may be she liked the young Prince of Persia ,dark ,sexy persian Young Man ,may be she wanted  to be the Empress ,no one knows till what was the real reason that made this silent beauty to accept the prosposal in a short Period
  • The Mohamed Ali Royal Family: ok the family that hated each other , I bet the news made Shoikar ,the ex-wife of King Fouad the 1st angry , yet the rest of the family was happy for Fawzia yet cautious , one old wise royality said "are you going to throw Fawzia with those vulgar people?Newly rich persians !!" The persians royal family seemed vulgar in the eyes of the oldest Royal family , Mother Queen NAzli Shared the same look to the Palhavi family that’s was the reason the old Shah didn’t like her ,saw a very bold woman in her and was afraid from her infuence on his 4 wives

Next time we will go 4 the Emperial wedding of the East ,A wedding that the middle East didn’t see  and won’t see it except once also in Egypt and also in the Past

Check the Pictures , by the way it won’t be long ,just another 2 eposides ,I hope I amnot talktive and my story isnot boring


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