CIA Recruited Five Of Adolph Eichmann’s Associates



CIA Recruited Five Of Adolph Eichmann’s Associates
wow if this means anything ,it will mean one thing the end is much more important than the means ,the C.I.A wanted to be effiecient and excellent especailly against the K.G.B and so they would go Eichmann’s associates ,the Nazis who killed thousands in the western world despite the fact that the U.S.A is a part of this world

This shows how politics and its world are dirty ,Those Nazis took the american citizenship and large sum of money of course and much much more I bit , all this from the american tax payer the regular citizen who is raised he and his sons on the hate of the Nazis with all the media against their awful actions against humanity ,yet he didn’t know that part of the security that he and his family living in were and are made by those war criminals

this is a rule for Politics ,you want to have a specific  at any price whether ethical or not  and the enemy of yesterday will be the friend of today and the ally of tomorrow

The C.I.A association with the nazis was mentioned several times , like other countries especailly the Arab world and here is a big Myth I will speak about it tomorrow with God’s will

what is New is that this article is from the Haatrz the famous Iserali Newspaper "I guess it means The truth by Hebrew" ,Eichmenn was abducted from Argentina by the Mossad in one of its famous operation and was killed in Iseral for the crimes he did against the Jewsih people "some western historians said otherwise ,no one can tell


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